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Liverpool Part 2 -- Settling In

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One of my ex colleagues and friend was a dedicated amateur wine maker, he and his fellow brewers would arrange to import grapes for the purpose. He was very good at it, I believe that he once was awarded the title of Master Winemaker or something similar. I recall visiting Beaune in France with him and going to a tasting in a large hall. In essence you paid a relatively small amount at the door and were given a tasting dish - there's probably a name for it - when you could wander around and sample from the bottles within. It's  the only time that I have drunk a really good Mersault, truly nectar but way beyond my price range. We both drank far too much - it was an indulgent but interesting afternoon.

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"Buy an ancient person's annual rail pass - I have one, it gives you a 30% discount on off peak travel - and take a train to Leeds. Then take the free water taxi to the Armouries Museum, which has free entry, you can allay your conscience by buying an over priced coffee in the cafe. Take the water taxi back to the station then wander over to the lovely old corn exchange building in which there is (hopefully still there, was a month ago) a wonderful secondhand photo store.  Coming out of there explore the beautiful old shopping arcades and market hall in the city centre.  If you have a bus pass, take a ride to Roundhay Park, the stop is just across the road from the market entrance, and stroll around the lake before indulging in a bite to eat in the lakeside restaurant. Bus back to the station and head back to Liverpool." Bryan


You'll remember sending me this suggestion a while ago, Bryan. I plan to do that trip, more or less, in the spring. But I will stay in Leeds and shoot 4 days. Manchester might be another 4 days trip. 


Any nice English villages I can ride a train to?





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