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Apparently one possible route to getting more revenue is via sales used for advertising, however virtually all my sales so far have been for editorial purposes. My photos are non released but that is not always applicable to street photos the majority without people, so why no big advertising sales yet (maybe my photos are just sub-standard)?

Thanks Tim

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I had a sale for promotional brochures back in 2007 (low $$$). All others have been specifically editorial, except for the most recent, which had a somewhat contradictory description: "Ad and Marketing Package ... Excludes advertising" (high $$).

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My last sale of the month in November was a $$$$ direct sale to Gremany. Model released hiking image taken in the UK. My previous, and highest

ever fee, ironically, was a couple of years ago to a UK newspaper. Used to promote their online app. Before the sale had cleared, always

a worry with high fees, i spotted it on a big screen in an airport departure lounge.



Country: Germany
Usage: Advertising and promotion
Media: Advertorial
Industry sector: Travel & tourism
Print run: up to 5 million
Insert: more than 25
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1 page
Start: 30 November 2019
End: 29 February 2020
Multiple use across Press, Online, OOH (incl. DOOH) and Social. Germany and Netherlands. Non-exclusive license.





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Thanks for all your thoughts, I'm encouraged that it's not the only one stuck with cheap editorial stuff and it seems that maybe Alamy aren't a big player in this field.

Congratulations on the few big bucks sales that have been made, I think releasing and healthy amount of luck/vision are the two biggest factors.


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Looking at your work I don’t think there are many images that could be used for advertising as they have unreleased property or people. Why not try sorting out your images that could be used for advertising into a separate  pseudonym so that they are re-ranked?

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