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  1. These sales are getting to be a ridiculously long term for rights managed - 50 yrs!!! ($44!!!!), is it all worth it? Country: Worldwide Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 05 February 2020 End: 05 February 2070
  2. Thanks for all your thoughts, I'm encouraged that it's not the only one stuck with cheap editorial stuff and it seems that maybe Alamy aren't a big player in this field. Congratulations on the few big bucks sales that have been made, I think releasing and healthy amount of luck/vision are the two biggest factors. Tim
  3. Hi Apparently one possible route to getting more revenue is via sales used for advertising, however virtually all my sales so far have been for editorial purposes. My photos are non released but that is not always applicable to street photos the majority without people, so why no big advertising sales yet (maybe my photos are just sub-standard)? Thanks Tim
  4. Yes I've the tag problem but also another problem I've caused. This is transferring the metadata from old images to new ones in photoshop, I've just found out this process also includes the taken on date. So now I have to check the date taken on 4000 images, ho hum.
  5. Since these problems have occurred I have been going into AIM and first of all selecting and deleting all the tags in the truncated upload field, then I get all the keywords in photoshop and copy them into a the word editor MS Word (or similar). Then as my keywords are not separated by a comma I search for all spaces and replace them with a comma and a space using the find/replace all functions, this is to ensure that each keyword is separated by a comma which is essential, these can then be copied en-masse into the "Add new tags" box and when you hit return or select the blue cross symbol at the end of the new tag box they will all be all magically appear. Try this method, you shouldn't have to paste individual words
  6. In the middle of this happening I changed PC, but it was all working fine for several years with Nikon Capture - Photoshop CS5.1 - Internet Explorer on Windows 7 x64, then it all went awry. Now I've updated several variables but one thing that it's possible is that for the last few batches on the old PC I may have used chrome so I may revert to IE, I can also as you suggest try a different RAW program (Lightroom or Capture NX-D). Thanks for you time.
  7. I can confirm each keyword is not truncated, but rather the entire keyword field is truncated significantly (as Harry says like a character limit, in this case 50 or so). As a PC user I have increasingly started to use Google chrome for my web uploads but when everything was working I was using Internet Explorer, so I'll try that again or maybe the new Edge? Alternatively it maybe worth trying out FTP
  8. Thanks for posting Betty, no I'm just using the standard web-based upload, Alamy IT has looked at the situation and couldn't see a problem my only consolation is that I am a relatively low volume up loader so it's possible for me to manually copy the keywords from Photoshop into Image Manager but it’s not really ideal. Tim
  9. Hi fellow contributors I've been in Alamy since 2003 (scary). I do my photo processing in Nikon Capture NX 2.4.7 on Windows 7 before transferring to Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 prior to uploading the JPEG copy to Alamy. Just recently three batches of photo uploads have been getting truncated keywords (Tags) whereas the caption and date taken seem OK. Even more recently I've changed from to Photoshop CC (2019) and also changed to Windows 10, so now it could now be something to do with Nikon Capture not getting on with Windows 10. I hope someone will know why or have a good idea of what to try next. Thanks, Tim
  10. Sorry sorted it myself, wasn't fully awake obviously
  11. When I submit an image with keywords entered in photoshop the image manager seems to add a very long keyword/tag at the end, in fact so long that they cover the entire Tag (keyword) field on the right and I can't get to the "x" on the RHS to delete them, how do I remove them?
  12. John - thanks for your calibration advice it's made things a lot clearer
  13. Edo - Yep all calibrated now thanks, seems to be giving me a more consistent view of things
  14. My sales have gone down enormously in the last two months, and my submissions have slowed as I have developed into a bit of a perfectionist. Bryan - yes I do post process (mostly nikon capture 2 and photoshop) and my preference seems a bit dark and contrasty, I'm lately trying to do things a bit lighter. If I'm in Lightroom I'm a bit worried about adding vibrance or some such effect in case it degrades the basic image quality or make it look generally a bit unbelievable. I'll make efforts to fill the frame more. Edo - My preference is dark perhaps too much, but not sinister My predicament maybe that 4-5,000 pics used to be a lot in the days before Alamy got so big. Thanks for your time, Tim
  15. Would you please have a look at my photos and critique them, as I'm getting not many views or sales of late. Thanks so much for your opinions (even if they maybe a bit harsh), Tim
  16. You may recall in my previous post "Colour Calibration", I was unsure about using calibration, well since then I have got an xrite Colormunki display and calibrated my monitor. My question now relates to my editing, which is AdobeRGB RAW capture run through Lightroom with final tweaking in Photoshop. I believe that Ligthroom has fairly simple controls i.e. in my case AdobeRGB in and out, but I think Photoshop requires the RGB working space to be set to the latest monitor calibration is this correct or should I leave it at AdobeRGB (again in my case) Thanks for your advice, Tim
  17. Thanks for all your replies It seems that I should be involved in colour calibration to some extent or other, so I'll not waste anytime
  18. I have been happily contributing to Alamy for a long time now and (like you) take a lot of time and care when producing images, just recently I thought it would be nice to use the best of my photographic work to decorate my home. After researching prices it seemed like the most cost effective (affordable) method was Photobox, what I got back was generally a quality article but the picture was very dark, now although I realise that Photobox is far from the ultimate in accurate reproduction it's not bad and when I look at there website they state all there printers are RGB calibrated. Well as a result I thought can you please look at my Alamy images and check they aren't too dark, and secondly do I need to calibrate my monitor as I don't think most people (including the bulk of photographers) do. I just want to take photos. Technically speaking my PC monitor is 7 or 8 years old and my PC has an integrated graphics card which is not great and may not be good enough for colorimeters to use.
  19. Hi everyone I'm a more than a little confused by the bewildering amount of numbers that are flying about the new ALAMY IMAGE MANAGER format, on the top of the image selection (central) area and with all filters cleared it says 4,523 images and with all on sale selected it says 3,636 and when I select not on sale it says 0, however on the top of the MY SUBMISSIONS (LHS) bar it says 4,254 images. Can they all be correct? Thanks Tim
  20. Capture sampling to my mind would be in-camera sharpening which is set to zero. But, and I'm not sure about this, I believed that somewhere LR gives the option for export sharpening which also should be set to zero. I will be exporting to 16 bit tiff in photoshop and I sometimes apply a very small amount of smart sharpen (100%, 0.2 and Lens blur) to the full sized final image.
  21. Thanks I've learnt a lot about the best way to handle processing in LR, I'll try and build an fairly mild import preset that I can 'develop'. How do you deal with image sharpening, I believe export sharpening is set separately and should be zero and how do you handle noise reduction in LR.
  22. I've been a very long time user of Nikon Capture (latterly with my D800) and now I'm moving to Lightroom. I believe my "Landscape" (Vivid) Nikon Camera preset will not be read, therefore which settings would you recommend to give my photographs a similar look (contrasty and colourful), obviously as a serious photographer I believe this is realistic and pleasing to the eye. Thanks for your time
  23. I've had five Alamy Infringement message emails so far this year and in each case I've responded 'chase' but as yet there has been no obvious results. Is this a new-ish thing and should I just allow them a more realistic time to do their job? Thanks, Tim
  24. When can I state that Alamy do not need a property release, I've read Alamy FAQ guidelines and I'm familiar with "editorial" usage, as you will be aware picture agencies range from very strict to a fairly lackadaisical attitude to this. I just need to know when I can take a picture in a public place without a property release, for instance do I need a release for every private house, flat or vehicle? Are there any general guidelines you go by? Thanks very much for your thoughts.
  25. Just looked at my pics, to clarify - I do not submit if lots of perspective correction is required, unless I can submit without any correction at all.
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