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31 minutes ago, alexandersr said:

Ok, that fine, because some here in Venezuela is selling a Sony RX100 in $ 200, i don't know if it's a good deal.


That's about the going rate for a mk1 on Ebay as well.


I prefer the mk2 or higher because they have a flip out back screen and wifi. (I had never thought wifi is such fun.) Mk1 also has no way of connecting a remote.

Everything on the later models is a bit faster each time because of a better processor. Between each model most of the steps are really small though. Apart from the obvious changes in lenses. Only mk2 has a flash shoe. From mk3 on there's a pop-up viewfinder.

If you need video the differences are a bit bigger between models.


Here is a comparison between all the RX100 models.




(I have the mk1; 2; 5 and 6 - I use the 5 and 6 a lot. More than my A7R2 at the moment.)

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1 hour ago, alexandersr said:

Ok, that fine, because some here in Venezuela is selling a Sony RX100 in $ 200, i don't know if it's a good deal.

It’s a good deal if it’s new or gently used. Remember, the original doesn’t have a viewfinder. I like this one because it has longer reach, 24-100, but like the viewfinders on later models. They’re good unobtrusive cameras, which seems important to you because of crime.


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For what its worth:   I also recommend little Sony.   I have both Canon 6D and Sony Rx & have sold more with Sony than Canon.   This is my largest sale on Alamy, and it was shot with Sony Rx 100 Mk 1






Recently I upgraded to Mk 3 (Mk 1 did not survive swim in underground Tunichil Muknal cave in Belize, even in ziplock).   Sensor is the same,  lens is different (24-70 vs 28-100).  There is little viewfinder which is just a toy,  same with tilting screen.  Main improvement in my book is better ISO handling, rest is pretty much the same.


Try with Mk 1.   It is by margin best bang for your buck when it comes to pocket cameras, and it is good enough for stock.   It is also IMHO best of this Rx line, in terms of price vs features/quality.   Latest model (6 or is it 7 now) is ridiculously expensive & something I'd never consider paying for pocket camera.

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On 09/10/2019 at 08:29, IanDavidson said:

I highly recommend the Nikon D5.  Most of my news work is fast moving and low light.  The D5 works well in low light and shoots at 12 frames per second.  Costs about USD 6,000 plus lens.  Downside is that it is very heavy, loud and large so no inconspicuous Street photography.

I'd say the downside is the $6000

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