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I put my images for sale but they're not showing up as for sale

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I'll explain this entire problem.


So after two failed test submissions and 20 wasted days, I finally managed to get 3 images past QC. I filled in the keywords so they showed up on the image manager as on sale, but when I go to My Alamy and its sales graph, my 3 images are indicated as not on sale. When I search up the keywords to my own images in the search bar, they don't show up at all. Then why are they labelled as "on sale" in the image manager with an orange bar next to each one. WHEN will they be up for sale?! I am at the end of my rope here! I have tried my best to get past every single mistake I made to get past QC only to be tripped up at the last hurdle by what appears to be a flaw with the website itself... The reason I decided to get away from 123RF was that its website design was so dysfunctional and outdated that I was unable to upload images AT ALL, now Alamy seems to be messing up too??


For context, the last time I checked whether my images were showing up in the search bar it was about an hour or two after my test submission was accepted, and I have only 1 star out of 3 on my QC ranking, which may have done something to my images' visibility? I'm not sure.

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18 hours ago, CAROL SAUNDERS said:

?? When I click on the blue 0 of the person posting I see three images i.e., 2 tree trunks and 1 dandelion ?




Yes I see them too. But the keywords have problems.


OP,  you need to check you have deselected the first image in AIM before adding keywords to the next ones. Your picture of a dandelion has no bark, earth etc. in it.



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