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Hi Everyone.


My journey with the Sony A7Rii continues....


I was photographing some trolleys in Sainsbury this morning (I know, I need to get out more). Once on the laptop I see they were at something like ISO 2500. I was worried about Alamy rejecting them as I have had that "too noisy" message before when rejected.


I read on this forum, for a thread about three years old, that Topaz is recommended to fix this.


I am trying it right now. Does anyone have an opinion?




Would be happy to try and attach both images here if I knew how.





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Hi, I have used Topaz de noise and have found it excellent, though if you overdo things it will just completely flatten images taking out any detail so you need to learn how to use to it's best advantage, there are plenty of tutorials on the web and I'm sure there are those on here more experienced than me who will offer advice also.   Look forward to seeing your shopping trolleys😉



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I have used TOPAZ for a while and I have the whole suite - weirdly though it is the plugin that I use least. The noise reduction tool is pretty good but I agree with Carol - go slow!

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