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  1. And I have ordered the zinc battery as I want to at least have a degree of fault tolerance in the set up.
  2. Hi Spacecadet. I used the hand held meter in reflective mode, not much point otherwise is there
  3. Hi again. So I am using a 1.5 alkaline battery which is why the meter is so off. I have ordered the (1.35) Zinc Air so i can get a constant charge. One day I might actually take a photograph!
  4. Thanks ReeRay and Sprocket I just got a Sekonic L 308s on eBay for a bargain of £70. Testing this morning with a borrowed Sekonic, it seems the camera is two stops out compared to the hand held meter. Sprocket - thats really useful information about the zinc battery. The camera came with a new battery but the seller hasnt confirmed yet which one it is. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks all. I have the zinc-air equivalent already. When these start to fade what then? That's my question really - I can configure all day long this week, get it right but when will I know that the meter is fading again?? I would have to compare again to a hand held meter. So as I see it I will need a meter at any given point anyway in order to make sure the needle isn't lying. Thanks to all!
  6. yes exactly...that is going through my mind "it should be ok" ... but with having already paid 50p per shot (not having yet paid for any developing) I am not quite comfortable with that attitude. Besides, the whole point of buying the camera was to understand the process of taking a photograph - so I will take my time. Hopefully wont get outbid on the eBay meter. Thanks.
  7. yes thanks for that ... your comment makes sense as I understand the difference between incident and reflective. Yet there remain plenty of people out there who use the light meter with the Yashica. I can only presume they get lucky or make some kind of allowance for it. Cheers. Going to do some tests tonight, once I understand how to use that hand held.
  8. Hi Sprocket This would be for film. I went ahead and ordered Kodak Portra 400, Your question regarding light meter is pertinent. - some folk say it cant be trusted others (not many) contend the meter for them works fine. This seems to depend on: changing the batteries often using an incident meter to compare readings I have managed to borrow a sekonic meter for the next few days to some tests....I know nothing about medium format cameras or light metering but im learning .... my real concern is this: If i compare with the sekonic light meter, and realise the camera is "off" i might be able to compensate for this on the camera (how - is it just tweaking the ASA?) But what happens when the battery starts to fade? How will I know that the meter is slowing down? Will I have to periodically test the meter with a hand held? If so, I will have to buy a meter anyway! The cost of the Yashica was £250. The cost of a decent light meter seems to average around £100 second hand. I cant pay that kind of money right now. Any tips much appreciated thank you. I realise this isn't the best forum for MF type questions, but I always find the feedback here quite good so thought it worth putting out there. DJ
  9. Hello Gang. I am soon to be in possession of a Yashica Mat 124g . I want to shoot in colour, but I am not sure which film to buy. I'm a beginner, so will be having it processed in a lab - I'm in London, is there a decent place to take my film to be developed? Many thanks - cant wait to get started. DJ
  10. Hello I have been told to up my game in terms of tagging my stuff so I have made a start today. I think I have the tags covered, but I need to go through each image and decide which supertags to use. Rarely do I have more than 5 or 6 tags to begin with, so will most likely end up with one supertag per shot. Does that sound reasonable? Now for the main point of this entry: I am reading the pdf that explains how to tag etc, and it states to always fill in the “date taken” field. Is this true? Does it matter? I am hoping not or else I might be locked into the Alamy Image Manager for hours . . . Thank you DJ
  11. Yes thanks Robert. That pretty much confirms it for me, your comment regarding the sensor. I have pondered the mirrorless option, but then I am still not 100% I really want to go down the multiple lens avenue (I know a lot of people think this is a great advantage and I'm sure it is, but I am not a pro (I'm not even bothered if I sell anything in Alamy) and I dont feel like I am missing much with the modest zoom of my RX100, or that I would be at a great disadvantage with a fixed lens such as that which comes with the x100f / t. But you have all pretty much put me off even thinking any more about medium format so for that I thank you for giving me that clarity. I put a bid on Fuji x100t yesterday in ebay but was outbit (I think it went for around £550 in the end). So for £850 I can get a brand new x100f... Thank you again to everyone for their valued insights. DJ
  12. wow thank you to all for the responses, more than I could have hoped for. I will check out the Sony a6300, though I can see some pretty decent deals on the Fuji x100T second hand that would bump up my sensor credibility but retain some portability. Thank you for the tips about adding tags to my images, I know I am rubbish at that. I will look into renting one, that makes perfect sense to me as well.
  13. thank you for the further info regarding the Fuji options. I suppose I might consider going mirrorless (Sony A7 etc) if I wanted fill frame and needed things to be lighter / smaller than DLSR.
  14. Ah , yes, sorry, I knew the X100f was APS-C, not sure why I promoted it to full frame. So the X-T1 also has the same sensor (APS-C)? I wanted, if I was going to totally replace my Sony, to avoid using DSLR set up. Would the XT1/2 be considered superior to the X100F due to interchangeable lens and faster AF? The X100F really appealed to me for its compactness and larger sensor. Worried the XT1/2 would be too big.... I know I started this thread talking about medium format which are of course not compact at all, but my thinking was to use that solely for specific shots (and keep the Sny for everything else) But it seems people are mentioning the cost so I am now thinking about replacing the Sony...I know i will have to sacrifice size if i want to progress, but i want to avoid humping a huge set up around with me.