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  1. Hi Steve, I was at the same event and I cannot say what the rules were - we did not make any particular note of it. There was certainly nothing overtly banning photographers or warning any of us. I tend to agree that it may well be a hustle. On the photo for sale it was clearly annotated that this was an actor. The scary thing is that I would also have posted a similar image but mine was blurred!
  2. indemnities You will indemnify, defend (at the request of Alamy) and hold Alamy and its sub-licensees and assigns harmless against any prejudice, damage, liability or costs (including reasonable lawyers' fees) which any of the indemnified parties incur arising from or in respect of any claim that there has been a breach of your representations, obligations and warranties in this contract. This paragraph will remain in force after the termination of this contract. Can someone advise please. Regarding the above; I have a close friend who has found himself in a horrid situation.
  3. Good lord! That's worse than mine and I was worried enough. Take care!
  4. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but you have several images with the title "Police on parade in New York". The uniforms are marked with the initials FDNY - I believe that this is not the police but actually the Fire Department of New York.
  5. I had no sales but had a refund for $330. Not my finest month ! Never mind.
  6. Ok. I might win this one. I had an eye exam about a year ago and an optician (with a rather poor bedside manner) told me that it looked like I had early-onset macular degeneration. So I was preparing for early age-related blindness. That was tough. Today I had a very thorough eye exam at the hospital and was told .... You have an extremely mild eye defect that has been there since birth. Your eyes are fine - go home and stop worrying. So, that was nice!
  7. I noticed the image inside the airport terminal (all chrome and glass) that had the keyword " autumn leaves". I tend to agree that this has every indication of a large 'dump' of images - perhaps there is an intention to clean the mess up later.
  8. Yup - that says a great deal about the low light capability. Thanks for the stockis tip as well.
  9. Thanks Jonnie; funnily enough it is now the Mk4 that I am seriously leaning towards having played with the 5Ds and also a 6D mk2 in the last week.
  10. Thanks guys. I have now had the offer of a loan of a 5Ds so I will play with that for a while and see how the responses above play out.
  11. I currently shoot with a trusty old 5D Mk2 and its fine but I was wondering about my next purchase and I am comfortable with Canon menus and I have the canon flash system and lenses that I am loathe to change. I was considering the 6D Mk2 (nice and light) but also considering if there was any real value to having the extra pixel count of the 5DSr. My main thing is travel, landscapes and city images.
  12. Great news. It's a timely remeinder for me as well to get some more concerted efforts going!
  13. Likewise - I had a note in my diary to do so...
  14. I need to look at FTP although I confess not knowing how to go about it. In the end, I moved the images onto a stick and uploaded through a windows PC - very frustrating.
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