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  1. Yes thanks Harry I did mean 2000. So my thinking is sound then. It just seems a shame to reduce what was a 40M image to a piddly 2M. But then perhaps they will ask for an original once I am chosen as the winner (which is a cert, obviously 😉). And comparing them on my screen they look the same anyway.
  2. Hi Gurus. So I am going to enter the Lens Culture Portrait Awards 2020. The rules state: In Lightroom, I select Long Edge and choose 200 pixels. When I export this the image is reduced to just over 2MB. I started out just exporting it to be under 10MB, but with the "longest side" rule, the image size is now much smaller. Should I be worried? My concern is that this reduces the image resolution and quality. Does it? Or is there a better way to do this?Insert image from URL Thank you, DJ
  3. I have been to NYC twice in the past few years and Spanish Harlem / Bronx always has lots going on. Its an endless procession on a Sunday and the vibes were very friendly.
  4. Yes sorry everyone, in my haste hit the T not the W My course teacher has apparently been in touch with Alamy and I am hopefully going to get something from him tonight. Then I can start earning 100% of nothing rather than 40% of nothing!
  5. Hello All I have been a regular member/contributor to Alamy for a couple of years. I am not enrolled on a photography course (part time) at the local adult college. Someone has suggested this might quality me a "student". I understand Alamy pays 100% to those registered as students. Does anyone know if its possible to update one's account to a student account? (I have made almost zero sales and so I am not that sure this will ever help me, but thought it worth a try) Thanks DJ
  6. DJ72

    site review

    Harry, Matt, Ed, Mark: Wow thanks to all for your considerations I really appreciate it, all of it. I had zero experience of web design a month ago. I worked hard for a month on this and I took advice from lots of people, including this forum. Thanks to Mark Chapman who helped me a lot when I needed it with my camera and Lightroom. David.
  7. DJ72

    site review

    Hello Both. It has been a while since I needed to make some changes to the site. I have taken on board your comments and hopefully the improvements are there to be seen. Thanks.
  8. Hi Gurus I have just finished putting together my site https://fotoscopic.com/ If anyone cares to take a look i would really appreciate the feedback many thanks.
  9. Just realised that LR will add copyright for you anyway so its all done by The Machines
  10. Hello All As well as submitting to Alamy I am about to start sending some images to try and get them published elsewhere. What advice does anyone have in terms of how best to protect my copyright? I was about to use PS to add copyright information into the metadata of each file. Is that enough? Since I know with Lightroom I can also add a watermark. But is watermarking necessary if adding metadata information? Is it overkill? Does it somehow make your images less likely to be noticed or looked at? Or should I consider watermarking as part of protecting my images? Many thanks as always. David.
  11. I have spoken to them but they dont know who I am - as soon as they offered to "take me through it" I suddenly had an urgent meeting to attend
  12. I would have thought that the definition of "professional" should be better tuned. Unlike other contributors but similar to many here, I submit images to Alamy all the time but the paltry amount I have received (£150 in maybe two years) hardly defines me as a Pro. But I will pay up anyway, as in the next few weeks there is a much higher chance of things going wrong when I start my trip.
  13. I just called them and yes, since I am an Alamy contributor I must pay for Pro. Seems a bit much as I have made about £150 in total. Anyway, now that I am committed to Pro status, the quote went up from £68 to £110.
  14. Thanks MDM, i will go ahead and let them know about that and most likely take out a policy with them. I am holidaying soon in some rough areas of Latin America and need the peace of mind that having cover might bring.
  15. Hello Gang I recently forked out around £1800 for a nice camera and lens I am looking into insurance I am not a professional I looked at www.aaduki.com and their quote is £63 which I thought was reasonable: UK and 60 days worldwide cover (More cover outside of the UK is available by contacting us on 01837 658880) Theft from an unattended vehicle All risks including accidental damage and loss Full and open theft Does anyone here have insurance that they can recommend? Thanks, David.
  16. Thanks to every one as always for the superb responses. Yes the camera and lens cost me dearly. But I am not a pixel level kind of guy - paying a subscription isn't really viable given I will spend the next two years paying back for the new Sony. My version of LR is 5.7.1. As it stands this isn't good enough to read the RAWs from my Sony A7ii. So I took the lead from others on this thread and I have downloaded the DNG converter. It is currently converting all the files from my memory card. Once I have them all converted I need to import them into LR and then I should be good to go. One basic question - having to convert then import, this seems to mean that I have one folder ("DNG") where I have saved the converted files. Then when I import these using LR, another folder is created to contain these. Clearly I dont want duplicate copies - how do others handle this? Am I ok to delete everything in the DBG folder once LR has imported them? This is vital as with the Sony the files are around 45Mb each. Also, I ran into this, regarding the drawbacks. However, it takes a long time to convert RAW files into DNG. The format also removes unrecognized metadata from RAW files, making it virtually impossible to retrieve such data from DNG files in the future. Finally, since any alteration is written directly into the DNG file, you have to back up the entire file each time a change is made. Actually I found the conversion to take a few minutes for several hundred photographs so no problem there. David.
  17. Thanks to all for those replies. I didnt spend much time with the DBG converter. Are there any drawbacks to using that? Thanks again.
  18. Yes thanks I thought that too. Maybe I need to get my head deeper into Phase One then. I dont like it compared to Lightroom.
  19. Hello All Hope everyone is well. My current process (if it can be called that) is to shoot in RAW. I then go to Phase One to convert them to JPG. A few minor adjustments are made at this stage. I then export them to PSE where I make changes depending on the picture. I then wondered - why am I using RAW? If all I do is immediately go and convert to JPG and then do post work in PSE on the JPG. Just doesn't make much sense. Before my new Sony A7iiR came along I was able to use Lightroom, but now with Phase One I dont do much with the RAW files except import/export. Am I missing a step here? Thank you! David.
  20. I have used them over and over again and yes you can get cash back if you look long enough
  21. Thanks Carol and MDM...I went ahead and submitted the same image to QC, one via Topaz and the other virgin. Lets see what they make of it. Cheers.
  22. Hi Everyone. My journey with the Sony A7Rii continues.... I was photographing some trolleys in Sainsbury this morning (I know, I need to get out more). Once on the laptop I see they were at something like ISO 2500. I was worried about Alamy rejecting them as I have had that "too noisy" message before when rejected. I read on this forum, for a thread about three years old, that Topaz is recommended to fix this. I am trying it right now. Does anyone have an opinion? Thanks! Would be happy to try and attach both images here if I knew how. David,
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