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Exclusive to Alamy - Setting Not Applying

Steve Valentia


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13 hours ago, Colin Woods said:

Did you click "Save" after you checked the box? It works for me so it might be time to email Alamy themselves.

Thanks Colin, I'll double check and then see if works for the batch, but to be honest, the exclusive setting is applied when I open the settings. But it's just not happening in the images (in optional).

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Silly question but I am assuming the 'Exclusive' tick-box is still the only method of indicating that your images are exclusive to Alamy? If so, what is to stop someone with a rather unscrupulous approach from turning it on and off as the situation demands? I was under the impression that once you had decided an image was exclusive it would remain so for a stipulated period of time. How does it work exactly? Does anyone know?

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