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Waterways marker id


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A day beacon is a beacon or buoy without lights.

This is a lateral beacon or lateral mark: you keep it to your side. It's not a buoy because it's on land. But the equivalent would be a green buoy.

More wiki.

For colloquial (if there are any) names, I cannot help you as I'm not a native speaker. If it follows the use over here (Holland) it's just called a beacon by most people. But other possibilities could be: a post or a mark, or as you said: a marker.

The best thing is to check AoA to see if clients actually are using any of the terms and if the term returns anything looking like your own image. (But that goes for any image/search term.)



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There would have been another one the other side of the channel so it was marked at high tide. As Wim says, green on the right, red on the left, from seaward. Presumably it was painted green on the seaward side. Although I don't know why it should be painted yellow on the landward side

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