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Possible sale or a dreaded refund?

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FWIW I have images that sell frequently, within a month or two, at the same price and for the same usage. And oddly I've had an image sell twice on the same day about 6 months ago for the same amount and usage that was never refunded. I totally expected that one to refund, but it never did.



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The original sale was some travel brochure in Japan and was through a distributor. The new sale is another distributor sale for a very similar amount. Be interested to see tomorrow what happens. The strange thing is the new sale is ever so slightly higher than the original one.


Fingers cross on it!!!

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I had three sales with exactly the same rights and $$:

"Country: Worldwide
Usage: Non-Editorial Electronic and web uses
Media: Corporate website, single design
Industry sector: General business services
Image Size: Any size
Start: 01 August 2013
End: 01 August 2016
5 years multiple web use incl. personal screensaver use"

Two were the same file, and one was different.

I'm expecting a refund too, although they might need two licences if they wanted to use the same image on two different web pages.


Also, a bit concerned about 'non-editorial', as both files are marked (I checked!) 'need property release' but have none (no people).

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Double sales are often for academic textbooks, one for the student version and one for the tutors.


They usually come through together in my experience, rather than a month apart.


I have had refunds from a Japanese distributor quite a while after the first sale. In fact one had already cleared.



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