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  1. Yes, thus the "ordinary thieves" reference. There is no theft-proof way to secure items in your vehicle short of installing a lock box. I rarely leave my gear in my vehicle unless it's situation where it's in and out quick and I can keep an eye on my vehicle, such as stopping into a restaurant for a bite to eat. Whenever I finish up a shoot I will run home and unpack all of my gear before running any errands. Occassionally I will carry my camera gear into the store with me if it's a must-stop on the way home. Marc
  2. Buy a reflective safety vest, the bright yellow or orange variety, that has "POLICE" stenciled on the back of it. Place it casually, but with the "POLICE" letters showing, over whatever item you are wanting to shield from view in your vehicle. Should create a air of doubt amongst ordinary thieves to pass up such a risk and move on to easier pickins. A black towel or jacket/coat also works well to hide valuable items in plain sight inside a vehicle. Marc
  3. I'm usually more concerned with my CTR dropping below the Alamy CTR average than overall zooms.
  4. 3 sales for $163. Meh! Zooms have been up lately with a few specific image code searches in the mix. Sign of better days ahead? Marc
  5. Back button + center point + servo mode. Will manually adjust the focus point on the fly if need be, especially to get eyes sharp with shallow DOF. Marc
  6. FWIW, I've had my 5DmkIII since the first of Sept. and it is hands down the best camera I have ever used. It's a workhorse and can handle everything from sports to weddings to portraits. What has really blown me away is it's lowlight focusing during the last two college basketball games I've shot with it. I've never had a camera respond so well to indoor arena lighting. The lighting in this particular arena isn't bad, it's brightness is set for television broadcasts. But I've always shot basketball using overhead strobes to get the stop-action speed and depth of field. Now shooting at 3200 ISO at f4 @ 1/1,000 and the quality is incredible. Very little noise. Paul, if you can manage to scrape up enough to get a 5DmkIII you'll never regret it. Now if I can just scrape up enough a second body 5DmkIII and dump by mkII's for good. Marc
  7. Paul, do a lot research about the 1DmkIII before considering buying one. The series was plagued with focus issues. The 1DmkIII is the No. 1 reason why Canon shooters fled to Nikon back around 2008-2009. My background is primarily sports photography and I spent those years on the sidelines of many football games feeling the pain of my fellow Canon shooters that were using the bodies. One game in particular, it was a bowl game, a friend shot an entire game with the mkIII and he didn't have any usable images. He is a top shooter for a 100,000+ circ. newspaper, simply put he knows what he's doing. The camera failed him and he basically bashed it into the ground, repetedly, in front of a workroom full of photographers that were editing their take from the football game. This illustrates the frustration shooters across the industry felt about the body. Many national wire service staffs, like the Associated Press, and Sports Illustrated dumped their Canon gear and switched to Nikon and the more reliable D3 just before the 2008 summer Olympic games. Dig around the pro photography website Sportsshooter.com's message boards and you'll find all of the hate being spewed about the mkIII. Even the success of the mkIV couldn't bring many of the old Canon shooters back from Nikon. The reputation was damaged that bad, at least on this side of the pond. As for me, I am a Canon shooter. But, during the days of the mkIII debacle I was using the Nikon gear issued to me at work. But all of my personal work (freelance and stock) was shot on Canon. I hated to see Canon's reputation get such a beat down during that period, but Canon deserved it. They produce a flagship camera that was a lemon. They tried to fix the problem in later production runs of the camera. I think you want to look for a red dot on the box, this is a sign it was retrofitted with a new focusing system that worked a little better, but it never did match the D3. Only until the mkIV came out did the field start to slowly swing back to neutral in the Canon vs. Nikon war. Now they both produce an outstanding flagship in the Canon 1DX and the Nikon D4. So with all of that said, do plenty of due diligence before picking up a camera body you'll want to turn around and bash into the ground repeatedly. Remember, that's a true story. Marc
  8. Had my second sale of the month drop in this morning. Distributor sale....I hate those. Marc
  9. I have a couple of images that have been licensed regulary for the past couple of years by the same buyer. It's added up to a good chunk of change for an otherwise "pedestrian" stock photo. Had it been an RF image I wouldn't have been as well off. Marc
  10. Mirco, the majority of my sales are editorial and of those photos sold with people, most of those do not have a release. Not sure about the laws in Poland, but in the U.S., and I believe in the UK, if a person is in the public domain they give up their rights of privacy and can have their likeness published for editorial use. I do have many photos in my library that do not include the subject's faces, cropped in camera at the shoulders for example, that are still editorial and are regular sellers because of the anonymous nature of the image. Marc
  11. My wife is from the Philippines and we have built a home there with plans to retire in Phils some day. I consider it my second home. The disaster has been so hard to comprehend. Millions of Filipinos, in my mind the best people on the planet, are suffering right now. If you can donate to your local relief efforts, please do so. I'm sure many of you have been to the Philippines and/or know Filipinos personally. If you do, then you know how wonderful they are. Help in any way you can. Marc
  12. How did we find our way through this world before spellcheck? Marc
  13. Gervais, thank you for the correction. I've only ever considered the 27" models, wasn't aware the new 21.5" was sealed. Anyone thinking of getting an iMac should only consider the 27" model for this reason alone. Hopefully Apple will reconsider this blunder in later releases. Sadly they'll likely end of sealing the 27" model too. Marc
  14. Pearl, you can still upgrade the memory yourself in the new generation of iMacs. The access panel is now on the back of the unit, above the power supply, instead of the old location on the bottom. Marc
  15. Allan, don't bother upgrading the memory (RAM) if you're buying directly from Apple. Quality memory is inexpensive these days and very easy to install in iMacs. I've owned several iMacs over the years and have always upgraded the memory myself with no issues. You'll save hundreds by doing it yourself. Good luck, Marc
  16. I still submit all of my images at the original 48mb minimum standard. Creature of habit. Of course that means I'm downsizing most images from the native file sizes from my Canon 5DmkIII and 5DmkII's. I think the native file sizes from today's cameras are a bit overkill. Marc
  17. Great news indeed. Nice to know the powers that be are listening. Marc
  18. Debra, It took about 6 months for my library to build a decent CTR and climb up the ranks before they were getting page 1 averages in searches. As others have stated, keywording is essential. My first sale, and this was back in July 2008, was for $125. And then four months later I had two sales licensed to the same buyer for a total of $1,600. I was ecstatic! I haven't had a sale that big ever since, but I've had several large sales over the years. Get your keywording down and you should start climbing the ranks. Good luck! Marc
  19. Three newspaper scheme sales dropped in at the very end of the month (each under $9) to prop my sales up to 5 for $248. One of the worst months this year. These newspaper prices are brutal. Marc
  20. Had the message in my inbox this morning too. Warm fuzzies inside. Now the pressure is on to keep producing sellable images.
  21. All manual, all RAW all the time. I shoot with 5D Mk3's and Mk2's and have never found the metering systems to be accurate enough to trust over my own judgement and instincts. If I'm a little hot or thin in the exposure I can always correct in Lightroom. Marc
  22. Had a message from Charles in my inbox this morning. Most of my images have been corrected by MS. Only two still displaying the error message. Alerted MS to the Ref's on each. Expect this to be cleared up soon. Marc
  23. Thanks John. I just noticed this happening recently. Didn't realize it was an ongoing issue. Very interested to hear what Alamy tech support has to say. Marc
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