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Hi all, I am a photographer and illustrator in both digital and the old fashioned way which includes drawing and painting. I am new to contributing to stock image sites and so I am just looking to connect and learn. Is there a place or blog on this site that gives ideas on what kind of images people are looking for?  Looking forward to being part of this site. Thank you


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Alamy has a blog that covers topics such as this. Also, check the threads in this forum titled "Have you found any Alamy images..." which list pictures that have actually sold.



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Hi Cheryl, I love your all trucks but... I think their tags have been mixed up with Fall Colors. If you tagged in AIM, don't forget to deselect the images you're not tagging.


All the best.



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Welcome Cheryl - If I may suggest, your captions and keywords should be a lot more informative and specific if you want to sell images successfully on Alamy - eg. the images of classic car interiors need to have the exact make and model of the car, and the keywords need to include things like Interior, Steering wheel, Dashboard, Dash etc etc


Good luck!



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