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How was your March 2018?

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On 4/1/2018 at 06:08, geogphotos said:


I asked and was told, I thought rather curtly, that Alamy is not an image storage company. 


I've asked again offering to pay to cover the cost/effort.


Maybe now that I have a buyer's account it might be easier to access downloads? ;)


Wow! I'm really shocked and disappointed. Back in 2012, when I realized that I was still missing some images even after I paid to have a crashed hard drive recovered, one of my POD sites let me download a bunch of images and one of the big (probably the biggest) micros actually sent me links to other images I was missing so that I could download them, in both instances at no charge. 


Last year, I had somehow managed to lose the base file for a series of concept images I was working on, perhaps with a boneheaded "save" instead of "save as." That image was already uploaded to the aforesaid micro. I wrote explaining the situation, got a rude response, and wrote back saying how disappointed I was in this treatment. I then received an apologetic email explaining that the person who had answered my original email was new, and a link so I could download the file.


Did you get a response to your second request? If not, here's hoping that it falls on more sympathetic ears. It just seems wrong to expect you to pay for your own files. I get that they aren't a file storage platform but things happen and the goodwill it engenders when someone helps you out certainly seems to be the image I would imagine this photographer-friendly site would want to be putting out there. 


With nearly 60,000 files on here, I'd think they'd want to keep you happy. I'm a tiny contributor to that other site, but they still went out of their way to help me out. Let's hope you get the right person this time. You shouldn't have to buy back your own images. 

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