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  1. Sales wise I am where I would expect to be but since August my zooms have vanished. Current CTR for the last 7 weeks is 0.04, when historically my average is around 0.6.
  2. Mine is a bit funny, says 0 for most months but has data for others.
  3. Mine and a couple others on the Australian Financial Review https://www.afr.com/leadership/management/business-education/a-third-of-university-of-tasmania-students-drop-out-before-getting-their-degrees-20180606-h112jy
  4. Found my own image in the Scottish sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/2569490/hill-rangers-sheep-selfies-plea-lambs/
  5. Disappointing month, got a nice sale. Then last week it got refunded. So no sales this month . CTR is still reasonable at about 0.8
  6. A nice $40 sale to a Canadian magazine popped into today. Takes my total sales to 7!
  7. And as I say that I just a Presentation sale, zoomed and purchased in one hit. Also had a very specific search of "K2D735 landscape"
  8. Total Views : 613 Total Zooms : 3 Total CTR : 0.49 And one sale that came through on the 28th, and a 160 images uploaded. Slowly but surely. Given the number of hours I've spent here I still haven't earnt much more than one hours pay in my regular work.
  9. It doesn't have much competition but the best month for me with 3 for $73.
  10. Presentation Sale, second ever and first in a few months. Seems to be zoomed and bought in the one day.
  11. Generic styled, usually simple and to the point. Used to often use plain backgrounds.
  12. Not at all, they want more coverage of essentially one area of Sydney and have listed every single suburb, not evenly remotely travel related for most of the places. No demand at all from customers.
  13. It just means we'll have to be paying for it all again, unless they just want the control points technology from Nik.
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