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Hi all again.

Do people get to concerned over ctr and zooms? The figures may actually be effected (mainly zooms) i feel due to other alamy members looking for help/inspiration from other members images.

May apply to the more successfull members as they would be the ones a newby might check first for ideas.

Just a thought.


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10 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

No, they're not. Measures only derive from a subset of buyers and anyway, contributors' activity is easy enough to exclude. It certainly doesn' show if I zoom one of my own images.

btw the word is "Affected".

Thanks for that and in future i shall double check my spelling.


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3 hours ago, spacecadet said:

It's meant well. Those words often get mixed up and it's a bit pedantic of me but there you are. All that keywording research probably.

Its fine i took no offence and as always glad of any advice, i was just wondering that perhaps people get to caught up in the whole zooms/ctr thing.

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For some reason, which I've never been able to fathom, I have always seemed to have a higher number of images sold which have been previously zoomed, when compared to others here. That said, I don't let zooms and CTR rule my life. They are only a tiny part of a much bigger picture. Captioning, tagging and - above all - sales, are far more important in determining rank (personal opinion) and of course, cash in the bank. 

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