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Sometimes luck comes into it.

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Hi everybody

Having not long retired and always enjoyed photography i decided to dip my toe in the stock image game. I joined Alamy and another agency at exactly the same time, with exactly the same set of starting images and same tags. Within a week i had 5 sales with the other agency, all the same image unfortunately their commission is shocking so i guess i'm in it for the long haul with Alamy. Thats how your luck goes i guess.

Cheers to you all


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Probably not luck at all. Let me guess - the other agency was one where you can buy image licenses for a dollar or less? In which case why would anyone buy from Alamy if they can get exactly the same images elsewhere at a fraction of the price?


Long haul is right, I'm afraid. To be sure of making regular sales with Alamy you really need 20, 30, 40 times as many images here as you currently have.



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Where relevant you should include the location in the keywords as well as the caption. The location field is not searchable but is definitely worth filling in for information if an image shows up in a search.

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Hello Colblimp

I was hoping you would get in touch, yes i noticed your in Ballydehob when i peeked at your stuff and very good it is to. 

I,m in Skibb today on domestic stuff, and was in Ballydehob 2days ago.  Not many crowd scenes to shoot in castletownshend in winter.;) Maybe a beer sometime.

Tiny world i would say, and thanks for the welcome.

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