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Fishy Photos - Identification please

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I took some shots of an attractive fishmonger's slab and the owner was kind enough to tell me all of the varieties, but memory has never been a strong point and, other than the cod, I can't recall exactly what she said. Any fisherfolk out there who can help identification?


I think that the ugly things are Monkfish, the large fish near the right rear is either a Brill or a Turbot, while the longer fish near the left back may be Halibut. Don't know what the rays are, was told that it was illegal to catch, I think Skate, so presumably not them. There is an interesting chubby black fish in the left foreground which, I am told, adheres to rocks, but again can't recall the name.




Monkfish and Brill (or Turbot)? Don't know what the orange things are.



Cod, Oysters and Monkfish, but I don't know what the fish bottom left are




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