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How to recover this situation?

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Thanks, Andrew -- that''s the highest praise for a food image. :)


And I did that shot here in my cramped kitchen in Little Italy, NYC, with the one window light. The bowl is Italian.


Coincidently, I had a nice sale this morning of some tomatoes I snapped in a open market in Rome

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I was in the same situation. I had about 5000 images online and was getting only occasional sales, really poor performance. Every search I tried I was down right at the end. I had a good look at other portfolios that were doing well (from what people reported). I concluded that I had three giant errors in my portfolio - too many similar images, too many rotten images and too many barely relevant keywords. It was a long task but I set about correcting this. I deleted about 1500 images (I cringe now when I see what I uploaded back then) and deleted at least half and in some cases three quarters of my keywords. The only keywords I kept were directly related to what I could see in the image, no general broad keywords at all. I was also guilty, because I dislike keywording, of copying and pasting into batches of pictures too much which only increased the number of irrelevant keywords. It took me a good few months to redo all my images. That was in 2010. Set about a good hard edit now while you have 'only' 3000 images. Directly relevant keywords only and a long detailed caption is my way of working. 


G by Colin Woods

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Just to add a bit more, I am looking at KWWPDB. It says that its a typical healthy Italian dish. What's it called? The editor looking for the dish by name will not see your image. In the keywords I see expo, Italy, kitchen, starving and travel. These are the broad type of words that were harming me so much. If I am searching for an image for travel in Italy, you don't get a zoom. If I am looking for starving, or a kitchen or expo in Italy, same thing. You have a nice varied portfolio, so I would think it would be worth your while to accept the long job and set about rekeywording. And to continue shooting and uploading of course. Don't give in, the $100,000 club is just a rekeywording away.

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