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Live News submission split half to newsdesk and half to QC.

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Yesterday I submitted 18 photos to live news. Half went straight through the other half got put into QC in batches of 1. Today the half in QC all passed and went into my main portfolio, the others are still available on the news desk. Why did Alamy split the batch? I didn’t get an email explaining and the half that went into QC are all similiar/ relevant content so I don’t understand what happened. 


Any suggestions?

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Were the captions wrong?
This image KD0THY doesn't have a pub in it for instance, and some of your live news shipping images describe 'tugs escorting', but there are no visible tugs in the pictures.
Live news has to be VERY accurate.

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I had some news pics rejected last week because the captions needed work but the difference that time was I got an email explaining where I’d gone wrong. Those all passed QC the next day too. This time no email so I was left wondering.


I’m new to this, I’ll learn. 


Thanks 😄

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There seems to be a time-out factor when submitting Live News. Images uploaded after a certain point will wind up in a different stack but I've never had one go to  QC.

Often times I'll make mistakes in the initial caption which I correct ASAP unless Alamy corrects them first.

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