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  1. Hi there, I am trying to set up for an efficient workflow for uploading Live News images in the field. I am shooting with Nikon D850 and don't want to carry a laptop around, it should all be possible with my Android smartphone in theory. I've just discovered Nikon's IPTC Preset Manager software doesn't work on D850 (why Nikon, why?) as that works nicely on D5s. I've tried the Press IPTC Android app but it doesn't work properly on HTC U11 (problem with the way directories are set), I've attempted to contact their support but the project appears dead (website gone and emails bounce back). MoPhoto is no longer available in the Play store and also appears to be dead. Snapbridge does not offer the complete set of fields to meet Alamy requirements for Live News upload. I have Lightroom on Android and that seems to allow entering of IPTC but it's fiddly with small text boxes (the photo import option only has the copyright field). Once finished I've used AndFTP to upload to Alamy. Can anyone recommend anything else for my situation? Any help much appreciated. Cheers all.
  2. I've been wondering this for a while, but just checking the Live News photos now, aren't some contributors playing the system a bit by submitting single photos from the same event in independent submissions, knowing that each photo will get its own feature on Live News? This obviously clutters up the feed so other sets of photos perhaps get overlooked.
  3. Live News Query

    Hi all, I uploaded some photos onto Live News yesterday and everything worked fine and they were up on the Live News website very quickly and they are still there today but when I checked in 'My Submissions' this morning it stated that they were not on sale. I am a little confused, are they on sale or not? I have now keyworded them and all is well but does this mean until you keyword photos in Live News they do not go on sale? Excuse my ignorance. Any info much appreciated.
  4. Live News Sales

    Out of curiosity what's the quickest anybody has had a live news upload sold from the time it was uploaded.
  5. I'm wondering if anyone can throw any light on live news images once they go into normal stock please I have a couple at the moment that are definitely showing on sale, but all they have is a caption, no tags at all - they appear when I search for terms in the caption My usual experience is that without tags they sit in AIM until I either tag or delete them, but not this time, has anyone else experienced a change or inconsistencies with this? Thanks, Kay
  6. Hi, I read previous forum topics on Live News: Headline and Caption but can't find answer am looking for.. - Where do 'Headline and Caption' shall be written to? Sorry if my question sound funny, but after I drop my picture for upload via My Dashboard I have only one option to choose from - Title (only). There is no other option I could see. What do I do wrong? Where to write Headline and Captions for LiveNews upload?
  7. Music festival photography

    I know it it a bit early in the year to raise this but... I have just been granted press accreditation for a summer music festival. This is the first time that I have covered the full festival. (I did get some photos in The Telegraph etc last year for a news story from the same event). I want to submit the pictures via the entertainment section of Live News. Does anyone have any advice on number of pictures etc. I want to avoid the news pictures being moved by a news editor to stock then failing QC. I am planning on a couple of pictures of each headline act and some crowd reaction shots. Any thoughts appreciated
  8. Live News forum

    May I suggest a “Live News” forum. There are some very dedicated “full time” contributors as well as a large number of occasional contributors. (Weather watchers?); The requirements for live news are subtly different to stock photography. It would also be useful to exchange tips on equipment, sources, events and similar shop talk. It would also raise the profile of the Live News service for buyers.
  9. Live News

    Hi all, Quick question... does anyone know how to set your public facing main topic image in Live News. The choice of picture that displays on the Live News screen appears to be fairly random. It is neither the first or last image in the batch uploaded. Is there a way of setting the main image or is it in the lap of the gods? Thanks in advance.
  10. How does the news feed work?

    I'm wondering how the lives new feed even works or how a freelance photographer gets into events, etc. to take photographs. I know, I'm a total newbie and I'm competition, so none of you owe me a thing But I am in the USA, in a semi-rural area and I highly doubt anything newsworthy will happen near me that would Alamy would be remotely interested in (plus I'm not sure American newspapers use Alamy or not?) Anyhow, I'm a stay-at-home mom who used to work for small town newspapers and just learned about the news feed so thought I'd try it out.
  11. News images

    Hi All, How long do you have to wait for your images to appear in the alamy search after they are approved? My images were on sale on Sunday eve 10pm and today is Tuesday morning and they are still nowhere to be seen... Thank you Michael
  12. A couple images I sent to Live News on Saturday, appeared in the News feed, and showed up in AIM as On sale. Then Sunday they appeared in AIM as awaiting QC and not on sale. That s where they are now. Is this something new? Anybody else have this happen to them recently? Maria
  13. Yesterday I submitted 18 photos to live news. Half went straight through the other half got put into QC in batches of 1. Today the half in QC all passed and went into my main portfolio, the others are still available on the news desk. Why did Alamy split the batch? I didn’t get an email explaining and the half that went into QC are all similiar/ relevant content so I don’t understand what happened. Any suggestions?
  14. I had a batch of 16 photos accepted to Live News yesterday. All were visible for sale within 20 minutes of submission. Today only 8 are visible and the heading shows (8/16). What's happened to the other 8? All are visible in AIM and show as "for sale".
  15. Live news. Confused?

    Hi all, I have tried my hand at Live News. My images have been processed and is now appearing in AIM with not for sale. My questions is from here do I have to update all the keywords, captions and RF/RM in AIM? I can't see the Headline and Caption which I added to metadata in Lightroom? Many Thanks Hai
  16. FTP settings

    Could someone please PM me the FTP settings for live news uploads, (struggling with paths, but may have outdated settings). I am too impatient waiting for a reply from contributor services. I'm hoping to improve my workflow using a nexus tablet and images from my new Sony RX100 MK3. Thanks.
  17. Hi there I was wondering if there are vector and illustration-graphics allowed to be submitted for the live news?! I've made a testupload with an illustration about the terrorism attack in paris one day ago - uploaded today and received after some minutes an email which says: "illustration = stock"?! Does anyone have other experiences on this? Is it generally NOT allowed to submit live-graphics/-illustrations to alamy's live news? Thanks and regards imd
  18. I've been submitting images to Alamy live news - mainly weather images. Many of these would be (potentially) saleable as royalty free but this option is greyed out even once they are in the main collection. Does anyone know if there is there a way to change this that I'm missing or does it not seem to impact on later sales? Thanks, Kay
  19. I tried my first post yesterday to Almay Live News with a minor event to test it out, but I was not able to set rights to “Editorial Only” after posting even with multiple try’s saving the images after they were OKed and chickened out and deleted the images in my post. Is the setting “Rights Managed” the same? It looked as if there were potential commercial (marketing) and private use of the images (I do not have model releases). A description by Almay said they were looking for daily news events even things like a photo of interesting clouds. I thought covering a Fall Harvest festival could be picked up as “light” news and I could test the system. Event was on the grounds of a nonprofit organization (Blacksmiths, wood worker’s venders children animals). I became worried that images like the boy with the turban etc. would be used for something commercial after it became “Stock”. I included a link to the images below. I also included some pictures of an event (protest of Enbridge oil pipeline) I covered last year that had Pottawatomi Indians in attendance with shots I liked and was considering using as "Editorial". Should I have been worried about the use of the images for something other than Editorial news? What is Marketing use? Are images like these OK to post in News and have any public interest? I know don’t quit my day job! Any help or thoughts would be great!, Thanks
  20. I read the FAQ and tried searching the forum, but couldn't find the answer to this. Is it appropriate to upload photos of a public figure (well known or lesser known musicians, for example), shortly after their death? IOW, their death is breaking news, but the photos might be a few years old.
  21. News to Stock lag time?

    Do photos in live news go immediately into one's regular stock portfolio after the 48 hours has passed? I know that's where they end up, but I'm wondering if they disappear from customer's view for a time when they make the transition. I uploaded some live news images the day before yesterday (Sunday). I saw them in the Live News feed, but this afternoon (Tuesday) I couldn't find them. I did a general search for them in the Alamy search box, and then through the Live News. I couldn't find them through either.
  22. How much does it affect sales on Live News, whether your in the UK newspaper scheme or not? Putting it another way, when UK newspapers use Live News images, is it part of their UK newspaper scheme package? Pondering, Simon
  23. Alamy Live News - Exclusivity

    I realise this is similar to another thread on here, but I would like to see an exclusivity box for Live News uploads. The implications are quite obvious and would be beneficial to both Alamy and the relevant contributors. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated... especially from Alamy
  24. Any feedback from other contributors selling into newspapers would be appreciated.... Just had a sale reported for the following: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 750,000 Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 01 June 2013 End: 02 June 2013 One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions, with re-use of the article in other titles or web versions within the same newspaper group. Digital use includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. $XXX (gross) - approx £XXX (gross) The image in question was uploaded through Alamy Live News on the 19th June (sports event image) so I'm still trying to establish actual usage date - and Member Services tell me that this had passed into stock (ie more than 48 hours after upload) and was not an error as it sits within the "newspaper scheme rates". My more recent sales have been in books/magazines and it is a while since I sold into newspapers via Alamy (more recent ones have been direct sales). Calculator (which I know isn't accurate) has this at £XXX. I'm well aware that minimum payments direct or through other agencies for this are going to be in the order of £XXX for a small show and £XXX for an inside decent usage as this is, even if you assume that the online use is gifted in that. Is this in line with others experiences of current newspaper usage fees ? because £XXX in my pocket for a decent show in a National feels like a swift kick in the knackers to me. Many thanks (Self-edited to remove actual figures)
  25. But perhaps they'll use Live News?