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Hi having passed the first hurdle of getting images passed QC now seem to be falling fowl of discoverability!


I have followed rules and added all relevant tags description location etc but still none of my images have moved from undiscoverable!!!

Is this something I need to worry about! Zero sales so far!!! :-(



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Do you mean (if you look at your dashboard) that the images are shows as 'On sale, poor discoverability' or 'Not on Sale'. If discoverability is poor, it is nothing to be concerned about as long as you have captioned accurately and keyworded thoroughly, but also avoiding irrelevant terms.


The Image database takes around 24 hours to update so if you've only just finished keywording, wait until the next day to check.


Spacecadet is right about the sales - in fact with 18 images, one every six years is rather optimistic. I have 3000 and nowadays count myself lucky to get two or three sales a month.  


Edited to add: Standard keywording advice to incomers. Add location detail to keywords where relevant (location field is not searchable). For images of animals the actual town you took the picture is probably not relevant, but the fact it is in the UK is. Add scientific names. Make the caption descriptive not artistic (it carries weight in the search engine). Make sure you caption species correctly - if you don't know the precise species, find out. 


Is suckerling the correct word (pigs image)? I would use suckling. Also, don't include concepts which aren't clearly illustrated by the image - your beetroot may turn up at a harvest festival but that is true of every image of a vegetable and this particular image does not appear to be of a harvest festival celebration. You could legitimately use 'harvested' though.


Getting your keywords spot-on is vital in the every more difficult task of making your images stand out in the 115 million plus collection at Alamy. Good photography + good image management afterwards will stand you in good stead, All the best.

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Ignore the discoverability. Just tag only what fits the image. If you pad your tags to get into the green discoverability, those inappropriate tags will cause your images to show up in searches where they shouldn’t. Then you’ll have views but no zooms or sales and that will hurt your CTR and your images will sink to the back pages.

A mistake I made early on is adding tags for something insignificant that was in the image. For instance, if someone is searching “dog” they don’t want your picture of a bridge that has a distant dog in the background. They are looking for images of a dog that is the main subject, not incidental.

I like your images. 


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Thanks for advice will take on board for future and make appropriate changes now. Take point about number of images - didn't expect sales to be great with so few images - but so few for 3000 images means I have away to go! Maybe it will supplement my pension in 12 years time!!! ;-)

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