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  1. Discoverability

    Thanks for advice will take on board for future and make appropriate changes now. Take point about number of images - didn't expect sales to be great with so few images - but so few for 3000 images means I have away to go! Maybe it will supplement my pension in 12 years time!!! ;-)
  2. Hi having passed the first hurdle of getting images passed QC now seem to be falling fowl of discoverability! I have followed rules and added all relevant tags description location etc but still none of my images have moved from undiscoverable!!! Is this something I need to worry about! Zero sales so far!!! :-(
  3. In focus images

    Thanks for support just had first 3 images accepted so have better idea now Mark
  4. In focus images

    Wow thanks for all advice - just come through this morning. On way out to work now will go through it all carefully tonight - every days a learning day.... ;-)
  5. Sorry to ask such a basic question - but better to ask and learn than remain ignorant for ever! How do I tell if my images are pin sharp in focus esp landscapes! I am not a 'pro' photographer but have taken photos for over 30 yrs with film now digital. I would like to start selling some of my photos. I am in the process of building my own web site www.mark-thompson@photography which has some images which I think are reasonable! My images look in focus on screen but when viewed at 100% I cannot decide as they obviously look more 'grainy' but still reasonable - I am often over critical of own work but need a marker / help to decide? It would be nice to be able to do similar 100% view on good and bad focused full size images which are obviously difficult to find on web sites! Any help / direction from someone in the know would be much appreciated! Thanks Mark