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First camera I had of any significance was a Zenith E in 1975 (as several others here had); graduated to a Minolta XD7 and a few Rokkor lenses.


The camera I was using in 2004 when I first submitted to Alamy was the excellent Canon 10D which I had bought the year before. 6MP but excellent quality - produced 18MP images which had to be upscaled to 48MB TIFFS and sent to Alamy on a CD


Kumar (the Doc one)

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All reported in boring detail here


Since then have I have veered away from Canon 5D2 to Sony mirrorless, currently using an a6500 with mainly manual focus lenses.


I still warp out the Canon for shots of the grandkids, as then the autofocus is useful, and I like the look of the full frame images, but for stock it's the little Sony.

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Started with various 1/4 plate cameras of dubious origin -speed by slits of differing width in a roller blind and zeiss lenses with modified back plate to fit. Then Linhoff technica 5x4 before moving to Mamiya RZ in early 1990s ( brief try with olympus0M4 but did not like 35mm) Finally moved to digital in 2006 with Canon10d -30d then 5Dm2 and 1dm3 now on LumixGH$ and GH5 doing  4k and IR video.



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Very first camera (aged 11) was a Brownie 127. My Dad rigged up a simple darkroom at home with an enlarger made up of bits so I could develop and print. Started work at 15 (1962) and Ii acquired a Kodak Retina and an old battered Rolleiflex. Where I worked (Cardiff University) we used Leicas and quarter plate cameras for technical stuff. I became a fashion/advertising photographer in 1967, (after seeing 'Blow Up'), and acquired a whole load of stuff bit by bit that I used for 'commercial' work over the years. Nikons, Mamiyaflex TLR's, RB 67's, Hasselblads, 5"x4" & 10"x8" monorails etc. etc. Plus I added to my own Leica stuff over the years for my 'personal' work. Nowadays 90% of my work (not stock) is on a 10"x 8" field camera with 9% on one of my film Leicas. The other 1% which is stock on digi Leicas. Buying Leica stuff very early on was a fantastic investment, as even very early Summicrons etc. (even very old screw mount), work really well on the latest digi bodies. Big, no huge, investment when I was young and poor but over the years, in the long run, given the amount of service given, a bargain. They will see me out.


Pete Davis



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