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  1. I don't know about other agencies but Alamy just rolled over and gave in to their requests- or did they check it out and were advised that the NT may have a case!
  2. Whilst am sure nobody likes these very low priced sales they would become a little more palatable for me if 1. they were not accompanied by such generous conditions and 2. Alamy were capable of detecting and then recovering reasonable recompense for mis use having only given a file size commensurate with the end use in the first place!
  3. Reminds me of stemming,discoverability and various other ideas put forward by Alamy to improve my sales when all thats happened is that prices have plummeted over the years. Have not changed anything or submitted since the cuts to support the American office. i cannot support a system where the total take by the agents exceeds that available to the photographer.
  4. This is usually where I mention the door hitting you on the way out, but I will try to be polite. why change the habit of a lifetime! I DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO "DEAD LIBRARIES" Alamy is far from dead from my experience. Good for you keep submitting Read the post-where did i say my images were not being used! They still sell 10 or so a month but the prices are low and dropping year on year so producing NEW MATERIAL for Alamy is no longer profitable for me. if it is for you then good luck
  5. For me Alamy died several years ago when it became impossible to produce new material and make a profit based on the prices they were (are) achieving. They are still only a float by giving themselves a 20% increase in their bottom line (I have not seen any major changes to indicate they are spending this money to improve my situation) at the suppliers expense. It still works for the hobbyist who wants to recover some cost but producing and uploading new material -Nah sell the camera because the economics do not add up to make a viable business.
  6. Verified 46 43 posts Images: 6471 Joined Alamy:11 Mar 2015 Report post Posted yesterday at 09:19 On 06/04/2019 at 19:29, regen said: The problem is not the person who steals the keywords but Alamy for having a system which allows it to happen. Err.....no, I think the person hoovering up other photographers' keywords is most definitely the problem. It's sloppy and unprofessional behaviour which I believe other hard-working contributors should not have to tolerate. The fact that the system allows it to happen is certainly a real concern, which is why I am seeking a response from Alamy as to how it can be tackled from their end. Agree entirely- If it was a professional agency run by professionals for professionals. But it is not. Its a crowd sourcing site trying to maximise profit by taking on anybody who can pass the most basic of tests. Many of these people who pinch keywords do not even know its wrong and its up to alamy to spell it out. If you upload material which does not meet their guidelines then you are punished-why? because they recognise that it will hit their bottom line.
  7. The problem is not the person who steals the keywords but Alamy for having a system which allows it to happen.
  8. Don't know if its good enough but Alamy have not accepted any video for some time!
  9. They are real. probably used upto a dozen different camera traps placed in different locations. An IR/heat sensor would be used to trigger the camera and any flashes used. The camera would not be set to video because a. the light source apart from ambient was a flash so video would be very dark> the leopard would be unlikely to come in range if video lights were used. b. Even if the light was sufficient I am not sure that the triggers could start and stop a video clip as well as taking possibly multiple single pictures.
  10. I doubt its pretty much impossible to make a living from traditional stock in any genre now. Does not matter wether its RM,RF or micro stock! It used to be but now its only a bit of jam on the bread. If you are successful at news ,do lots of commissions,run courses or tours for example then stock can provide a little jam on top. Stock is dead unless you are happy helping a large agency with little interest in photography per se continue to make a profit at your expense.
  11. What a pity details of the site have been released.
  12. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 500,000 Placement: Inside Image Size:1 page Start: 01 February 2018 End: 01 February 2023 Duration: 3 months. Any placement: Inside or cover. $12.57 Gross direct sale many of these in last 12 months but this licence(1 of 3 in april last year) is somewhat misleading. How can the placement be inside and inside or cover on the same licence. How can the duration be 3 months when the period is feb 18 to feb 23!
  13. RF used to command a premium but for many years this premium has been eroded so now its debatable whether it exists at all. i have never supported RF and historically neither have the agencies I supply. Just another example of Alamys drive for volume at any cost to improve their bottom line ,
  14. Good that they have reacted in this case for an excellent outcome but surely the real questions are why did it happen in the first place and what checks have Alamy got in place to check for abuse of sales or do they just rely on the copyright holder to inform them. How many of these are due to deliberate thieving and how many are due to genuine misunderstanding of the licensing conditions,which,in some instances quoted on the forum have clearly bailed the photographer! regen
  15. not at the moment but who knows what will happen n the future if they decide to massage the algorithm.
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