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  1. The site is so big and the numbers so large that the stats of an individual are unlikely to allow any meaningful predictions. It may be possible to gain an inside track if you are a niche photographer who happens to know editors and pic researchers who then look at your collection first and if there is anything suitable then they use it but they don't always have to zoom it. However if you are in that position then why give Alamy 50%? Bottom line -its only sales stats that mean anything the rest is just Alamy tinkering around the edge rather than concentrating on the important things like ensuring prices,licences and uses are in sync.
  2. I am probably not typical-largish specialist collection,no files with green discoverability,no submissions for about 5 years but payout every month. My CTR seems to yo yo between about 0.55 and 1.1 on an almost monthly basis but the ratio of sales to zooms remains fairy constant at 1 to 3. i think that as my CTR rises then I get more views,zooms and sales but as the views increase they become less relevant and so the CTR drops and the views and zooms drop but become more relevant and CTR starts to rise. This may be a consequence of very minimal keywording.
  3. You need to check out the DACS site if you want to claim direct. 1. You will not be able to claim for all sales in 2020 -only those upto the date specified by DACS 2. You can claim for all qualifying sales prior to that date regardless of when they were published. It does not matter which agency was used or wether you supplied direct.
  4. And I thought you knew a little about stock! Why would I bother to close an account which still pays out every month even though its about 5 years since my last submission? Stock was good once upon a time don't you know. In fact supplying agencies,particularly those with inmate knowledge of their customers, was an excellent add on to selling direct to publishers and furnished me with a very good living back in the day. No longer worth pursuing as part of a business model.
  5. Good to know but this years average is 21 dollars gross and dropping year on year yielding less than 10 dollars per usage which is totally unsustainable unless just a hobbyist hoping to recover some equipment cost. On a cost per hour for time no longer worth it even as an add on to a business model.
  6. Tragic- Keith only lived 30 miles away and we compared notes back. in 2007 when we both joined Alamy before he made such a success. I am sure he will be greatly missed in the local community and beyond.
  7. Just passed the $50000 ($50384)The bad news its dollars,gross and took 820 sales to do it.
  8. over 20,000 published 1990-2010(own direct sales) -not bothered to update since then. Have Issn/isbn for about 15000 but only around 8000 actually figure on the list. DACS payment mainly from mags as about 300 book licences only yielded an extra couple of quid-I don't really understand the system either!
  9. direct claim down on last year but still a 4 figure payout.
  10. I dont restrict but feel that common sense and good business sense is somewhat lacking at Alamy as they tend to adopt a rather laid back approach to handing out our files. Its not only the price but the fact that a personal use file can be refunded without any proof whatso ever that it has not/will not be used. If somebody buys a file for personal use then they should know wether they need it or not and the conditions should make it clear that a refund is not possible.
  11. I would start with AG because its a weekly mag but alamy only report sales monthly so could have been used across 2 or 3 issues. Regen
  12. For Alamy i don't think 6 months is out of the way- Some of their disributors take longer than that to report a sale! Some publishers particularly books and calendars have very long lead times and even longer credit lines so it could be more than a year before you are clear of distribution always assuming the distributor actions Alamys request.
  13. Yes they are all at it from giving away your rights if you enter a competition to the largest "charities" like the NT,RHS,BBC to name but a few. Local rags never pay for unsolicited material and numerous others offer a credit-trouble is you can't eat credits!
  14. started supplying in 1991 but did not really take off until about 2000 (after scanning all my medium format trannies and supplying a drive with about 15000 pics mainly nature,organic gardening and DIY projects. Only wrote a few articles for AG but they knew i wrote every month for organic Gardening,water gardener and a few of the other hobbyistt mags. It was great until the recession hit in 2008.
  15. And well deserved your files are worth considerably more. Used to be one of my best customers back in the day with 1987 direct sales at between £20 and £80 but gave up in about 2008 when prices started to fall.
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