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In Holland we call this a wherry, but on Alamy most wherries are Norfolk Wherries, which is a gaff rigged sailing boat.

Both are wide clinker-built hulls.

I would research skiff, maybe Thames skiff, and wherry to be sure what clients use when they are looking for a rowing boat.



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Agree - you will probably have to call them several names. Would have been easier if they were more recent rowing club  boats.


- and describe - or rather keyword - perhaps also: a double 2x coxed inrigger


- a single gig scull or boat - perhaps even gig-rigged boat -  (the swivel / swivellocks / oar locks are half way out compared to the outrigger and not on the gunwale as on the inrigger.




The terms are sometimes spelled with a hyphen, sometimes not. Except for clinker-built it may be more correct without - and there may even be local terms for these types.

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