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Sounds like you are proposing to throw the baby out with the bath water. Some of them are a bit dark and could do with some work. In which case remove all the tags/keywords except one bit of gibberish (you need something in the field) You will still have the images on Almy but nobody will find them. After uploading improved images. hit the delete button for the older ones and they will dissappear after a few months. I forget how many, but it's not importent You only have a modest collection, but why make extra work for yourself when you would be better advised to be uploading new work as well as a few fixed images

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My first couple of hundred images are of inferior quality as I didn't have a calibrated monitor, so what looked good to me ended up being quite dark.  I left them though ( a few have actually sold).  I did redo asome and upload those with the REF no. of the original included in the keywords.



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47 minutes ago, vpics said:

Just create a new pseudonym and start over with new uploads.



That is would certainly be my plan - then and only when you have uploaded replacements delete the original remembering to put the ref number at a tag



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