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Hi Trevor,


I asked alamy about sRGB vs adobeRGB. Here is what they said:


Hi Hai,


This is totally up to you and your own workflow, but we work with Adobe RGB and ignore any embedded ICC profiles when we process your images so before sending we recommend saving all images as Adobe RGB (1998).






Cheers Hai 😀

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2 hours ago, Hai Nguyen said:

we work with Adobe RGB and ignore any embedded ICC profiles when we process your images


Oops I hope that's not true. I hope Alamy converts the embedded profile (to sRGB) and not strip it.



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I've always worked in aRGB(1998) and that is also what Alamy has always recommended. However, now I'm slightly puzzled...


I checked all three previews and to my surprise they are all UNTAGGED i.e. Alamy strips them of the colour profiles, presumedly to save on a tiny bit of space/bandwidth.


Question - Does Alamy strip the profiles of the three display versions from a converted image (i.e. do they convert to sRGB first for this purpose) or just simply strip it regardless of the original colourspace?


Problem - Many people use a wide-gamut monitors (myself included), many use Google Chrome for browsing the internet - untagged images are presumed by Chrome to be sRGB and therefore are over-saturated unless you toggle the monitor to sRGB emulation (which one never does).


Another Question - with which profile does Alamy deliver an image? Original or converted to what? Pretty sure I've seen some other places deliver different conversions depending if the likely usage is for print (aRGB1998) or web (sRGB).


"If you want your photos to be displayed correctly on all current devices - "sRGB" computer monitors, wide gamut screens, tablets, smartphones - and unlike an old habit, it is thus compulsory nowadays to incorporate an ICC profile to each image shared on the web. It will only be read by web browsers on computer screens but this way, your images will be displayed well even on wide gamut screens. However and because of tablets and smartphones, you need to keep on saving your photos in sRGB because it is the only color space that will be displayed correctly in their browsers because they still can't read ICC profiles except Safari on iOS (2016)." - (Colour Management Guide by Arnaud Frich).

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5 hours ago, arterra said:

You can easily turn aRGB1998 into sRGB. But it's pointless to turn sRGB into aRGB1998.





Yes convert but never ever strip aRGB to get sRGB.

(I must admit I had my suspicion.)



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