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  1. In AIM, you can't create a list. But in adobe bridge you can create lists for keywords. Once keywords are added, you can upload to AIM and the keywords will be added automatically. Not sure if you are using lightroom or bridge as it should be able to create lists from there. Hai
  2. Hi all, Had my first sale last month so I'm curious about the commission structure. I noticed there was: - 30% alamy commission - 40% distributor commission Is this right? I seem to remember 50% commission but its been a while since I read the fees structure. Thanks Hai
  3. Thank you Kay, Very interesting search indeed. Couldn't find it but will certainly look at using it for future searches. Hai
  4. Hi all, A bit of an amateur question, but how do I find which magazine my image has been used in? It sold last month. Thanks Hai
  5. Hi all, I've just made my first sale on Alamy for $30 since joining last year! So pretty happy... hoping for more sales to continue. Hai
  6. Welcome Patrick! Good luck with your future sales with Alamy. Hai
  7. Welcome Stephanie! Enjoy being on Alamy Hai
  8. Thanks losdemas I will do that. Good idea to include Alamy code of the old image in the keywords of new image. Cheers Hai
  9. Hi, I am looking to replace some of my images that I have uploaded with improved versions. Do I just delete the images and reupload through QC again? Will images be deleted right away or sit around for 180 days before being deleted. (I think I read somewhere that it takes 180 days?? I could be wrong. Thanks Hai
  10. Hi Kevin, I have been filling it in with information such as weather conditions, time of day, and season. Hai
  11. Thanks Gen, I've brought down the brightness a fraction. Looks better. I will have to reupload to Alamy after I'm finished. Hai
  12. Thanks Jill, I might be acquiring a monitor from a friend... that should improve things. Hai
  13. Ok, Thanks to Gen I've tried to desaturate the green in the green moss... See what you think. Cheers Hai
  14. Thanks Gen for the technique! That sounds like it could work! I was actually going to try and saturate everything but the green moss but I wasn't sure if it would look right. I will try your technique and post the result. Cheers Hai
  15. Hi Allan. The image that is in my portfolio is without photoshop. Picture control standard. Bit bland but the green moss is more natural looking. As ive increased saturation with vivid and increasing saturation and contrast , the green moss looks unnatural. Part of my concern as to why i didnt want to fiddle with the image too much! Not sure how to deal with this green moss!!
  16. Thanks Philippe! That's a really good tip. I never thought of that. Cheers Hai
  17. Thanks for the feedback Philippe! Yes I do check at 100% after I failed QC on one image due to camera shake! I have found digital artefacts start popping up in the shadows. I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing by trying to use noise reduction to reduce this? It seems to reduce but not sure if this is the best way to deal with them. I'll have to go back and look back at some of my images before calibrating. May have to reupload after reprocessing... Hai
  18. I've had an attempt at trying to improve this image. What are your thoughts? Hai
  19. Yes. I don't have ability to use a desktop which is limiting i agree
  20. My bad, I was slightly rushed and posted in the wrong section. Its interesting that you noted my saturation levels were down. I actually started off with too much saturation two months and have come down from on my saturation. I will push one of my images and see what you think. I do shoot in raw which is lucky because all my images are raw from when I first owned the camera. I must've had some sense to shoot in raw! I need to work on my photoshop ability. I've been trying to bring the shadows out with Capture NX-D before processing in Photoshop. I use the shadow protection. Thanks for positive feedback on captions and tags which I've been trying to keep consistently to a high standard. Hai
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