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Previous sale = higher display?

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If an image has made several sales does the computer algorithm show it higher up in search results?     Alamy does not have a button to select  "most popular"  as many other agencies do. Would it be a good idea?

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I don't find that. As an example, an image sold for $600 last year. I have 34 (very different) images of the same subject, and the high selling one comes in at number 19 of my images and place number 125 of 231 images of the subject.

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Indeed Geoff - there's plenty of work to attend to that pays better dividends than search engine speculations.


Nevertheless, I will say that you may be right that pseudos in an account are more connected than before.  I see some indications to that effect.  But, I am definitely seeing large and consistent differences in image placements coming from my three pseudos.  So in my experience, individual pseudo ranks still have an impact.


So to answer the OP, sales for an image will have an impact on the ranking of all images in that pseudo, and perhaps somewhat less so to all images in your account.  But rank does not attach to individual images.

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answer OP
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