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X during upload?

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While uploading a batch today, all was going fine.  Then I noticed one of the images that had been uploaded had an X at the top.  No other images had it, the upload was still underway.

I assumed there was an error with that image. Yet once they showed up in QC, the image is there with the rest.

Anyone else seeing that happen? I'm curious what the X meant.


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2 hours ago, Hellonearth said:

I have seen this but in my case the image with the X did not uoload



That's exactly what I expected would happen with mine. I'll see if QC eliminates it because of errors. I just hope it doesn't cause a fail. :huh:

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LOL, you guys are a hoot.  As far as where my curser was, I didn't notice that, so its possible?  I doubt it, but hey. 

If you consider the lobby of a hotel naughty...well....I looked closely and didn't see anyone doing naughty things on the couch in the sitting area.  Interesting idea, though.

Considering this hotel is supposed to have a resident ghost who in life was a hotel maid with a bad reputation for sexual conduct, who knows what was going on in the lobby that my eyes didn't see.

And Geoff, I won't show those pictures to anyone!

The image in question passed!



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