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  1. How long does the payment run take, more particularly for first time payout to a contributor? I'm still waiting...
  2. If you don't sell many images and they sell for small amounts, it can take a while for sales to go over the minimum balance for payment. If you have X sales, and X-1 cleared sales would push the balance over $50, with X itself less than $50, could one delay recieving the money from Alamy until X cleared as well?
  3. While I agree with the underlying point about incidental inclusion of copyrighted works, I don't think MYJ2PC falls anywhere close to being de minimis, and would question whether KKFAGJ does either. The photos on display in MYJ2PC are not incidental to the subject of the photography, it is the whole subject of it. For KKFAGJ, that's less so, since the subject can be argued to be the man admiring the works, but counter to that, the works being admired is very much part of the subject. I would say incidental inclusion is more like this Of course, UK copyright law does have fair dealing
  4. The photographs that you in turn took photos of will almost certainly be no, since they're likely to be copyrighted.
  5. I've sold two images from Trooping the Colour, except it was pictures from Trooping the Colour LAST YEAR. Puzzles, Germany, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate.
  6. Well, that's a short session in the UK. "For a freelance, at least 50% of your income is from news related work."
  7. So... * Boris walk out of Downing Street * "Hey Boris" * Boris turn towards photographer * * Click, click, click * ... "This is a posed image" ?
  8. https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-news-images/how-do-i-upload-to-live-news-feed/?section=4 The FTP used to be the same, now it's on a different address.
  9. Keywords can be done later. You're supposed to headline and caption. I've seen uploads gone up on Live News where headline wasn't done and each photo ended up on its own. Made a complete mess of the Live news feed until Alamy fixed it. Wouldn't suprise me if the contributor got a rather strongly worded email from Alamy for that.
  10. Alamy simply leave the responsibility to the photographer. The last time they interferred by removing images of UK train stations after complaints by Network Rail ended up with them reinstating the images, after NR backed down on editorial use, and also amongst complaints by photographers here that some of the images removed were taken with authorisation.
  11. *Search "British banknotes"* Yeah, some of them are.... questionable. If you're British based, then criminal offence under Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981 is an obvious issue. If it's the main subject of the photo, then it's probably also violating the banks copyrights as well.
  12. No, and don't... unless you were looking to buy a new camera. There's really no such thing as rain proof. 1D, 7D Mk II and lesser extent 5D is okay. Then there's the lenses, that's a seperate considerations.
  13. Check you're actually trying to upload from whatever folders/directory your new photos are in.
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