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Have you ever tried to get a property release from a hotel/airbnb?

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Hey All,


I was trying to find a topic on this but I was unsuccessful.


I am thinking about going to Palm Springs and shoot at an Airbnb or hotel. 


My concern is property release. I know sometimes they allow people to shoot at places and I certainly want to ask them about it. But I am not sure how to approach with a release in my hand. They might try to get more money out of us or have unrealistic demands seeing the release saying 'for any purpose' etc. 


So question is, any of you ever did that or thought you should do it but you didn't. Any thoughts on the topic? I certainly don't want to do it without a release, but if I do, can I still sell them as RM commercial and hope they just would not bother? (I know it is not the coolest approach, but thought I ask)


Pardon me if I wasn't correct in something here, new here.




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Airbnbs are just other peoples' homes. How would you feel if someone stayed at your place and wanted to use your living room for a commercial photo shoot?


What kind of pictures do you want to take?

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I obtained property release from the owners of a very well known tourist hotel in East Sussex . Basically just explained to the owners what it meant and they then signed  and gave me open access to the bars and lounges. I did this before the bars opened up to the general public and avoided any photos which included guests or staff

You don't ask you don't get


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A property release from the hotel owner, etc. will sometimes be helpful, but don't forget all the furniture, items, etc. that often will require their own release.


PS I notice that Elizabeth has been around this    :)

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Thanks,  Everyone!


Just want to shoot lifestyle. Environment would not be the main focus of the shoot. We will just travel with my boyfriend anyways and I would take a few pictures pretty much of him. 

Yeah, I will definitely try the release. I was just curious if anyone of you actually succeeded in getting that before.


I guess I just have to be nice and straight forward about what I do and it should be all right. Worth the try.


I have never seen furniture, or other items etc be a problem. I have been working in commercials for 10 years, only not behind the camera and this has never been an issue. I think once you have the release from the owner of the property you should be fine. It would be undoable if they ask a release for every single piece. Think about it, a model has makeup on, let's say a very specific color or something you can recognize. I doubt that you need a release. Maybe I am wrong here, but I just find this impossible to fulfill and just not what I have seen in the past. Again, maybe I am wrong.


Thanks for the help!

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