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I have used for the first time a 32GB Lexar Professional 800x Compact Flash card in a D700 and get a message saying 'computer does not recognise this card' when using a Lexar card reader to transfer the images to an iMac.


I prefer this method, than to loading directly from the camera.


It would be appreciated if anyone could advise how to overcome this problem.


Many thanks in anticipation.


Peter t

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Apologies for stating the obvious but sometimes it's just a case of ejecting the card and trying again +/- rebooting. I've found this from time to time using a lexar reader.

Perhaps you've already done this



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I use 16GB Sandisk cards and transfer by slotting the card into the SD slot on the side of my iMac. Every now and again the iMac doesn't "see" it, or recognise it. Taking it out and putting it back in again seems to do the trick. Sometimes I have to close any open folders before the card shows up on the desk top.

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The original Lexar card readers had a 4GB limit (even the FW400 model). The new ones should work fine.

The Lexar card reader is only a month old and is the latest model. I have tried several more attempts and get the same message on the screen. Tried on another iMac I have at home, exactly the same result!


Thanks for all of your responses,


peter t

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