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  1. I've just sold my Eos 6D and 24-70 (along with a bundle of small accessories) to MPB. I've previously bought kit from them with no issues. I would've got my X Pro 2 via them, but the discounts and cashback over the Christmas period was too good not to consider. I've kept a few Eos lenses back, but I get the feeling a trade (for a big Fuji Zoom) might be happening soon!
  2. Going back from a couple of days ago - back to 2008: 41,14,14,9,1,15,1,21,30,16,148,85,73,29,39 I've not done much for a while mainly due to lack of interest and the annoyance of 6mb ASDL, however I'm more interested this year and now have 80mb VDSL (Fibre to the cab). I'm guessing the two are linked!!
  3. Yes, I've been Fuji curious for a while (still love my GA645zi Medium Format) and was planning to get an X Pro 2 at some point - I couldn't resist with these recent offers. Still trying to get used to where things are, but so far I'm very impressed (especially with the Jpegs straight out of the camera)
  4. Got a new lens Fuji XF 18-55mm OIS f/2.8-4 Also had to get an X Pro 2 to use it Should be getting £190 cash back on the lens and £380 on the body.
  5. Currently on a super speedy 5mb adsl service (.8 up) - BT/Openreach won't upgrade our street cabinet as it's not economically viable (being in the rural location of Birmingham). We can self fund the upgrade at around 15k I do however have the option of Virgin, but at peak times it's awful.
  6. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/adobe-creative-cloud-photography-plan-photoshop-cc-plus-lightroom-12-month-licence-2654316 £80.95
  7. Just had one pop up for $108 for Television (editorial - Jetpac - Sinclair Spectrum game cover) - will be interested to see what context it's used for!!!
  8. I was wondering what the extra DACS payment was for. Handy - although at the rate I'm selling I wont see it for a while!!
  9. Direct for me as well. Alamy sent an email offering their services.
  10. £36.80 for me, which considering I didn't do much last year was a welcome payment!!
  11. Just noticed this thread Agree with flash going as it means I can manage via an ipad. Would like the ability to copy all the previous images settings (keywords, releases, people etc) over to the next image (or allow bulk modify or these). /edit just noticed this was a thread dug up from earlier in the year!
  12. Apologies if it was a bit harsh, I had a lot of email rubbish to plough through that day.
  13. Alamy, I'm happy to get info from you - but please don't send any more 3rd party type emails.
  14. Signed, it happens a fair bit in Birmingham as well The problem we have up here is once public owned land is flogged off on the cheap by the local councils. Now it's private, but with access they can enforce whatever they want (or so it seems)
  15. The Calumet light tent is cheap - not as cheap as the ebay/amazon ones, but at least can have a look at it. https://www.calphoto.co.uk/product/calumet-cocoon-80s-lighting-tent/RM1003/?tracking=|searchterm:tent It looks similar to the one I bought from them years ago - it's been fine for me, possible I need to bleach one of the sheets as it's a little pizza and cocktail stained now!
  16. Had a parcel today (not opened it yet) that might be My Alamy Wooden Spoon Award (self inflicted though as I'm not really actively doing much photo stuff at the moment!)
  17. I had the letter this week but the money went in on the 4th. Good to know the money is most likely in my account.
  18. Got my letter a couple of days ago. Amount was around £37. Not a great deal, but then again I don't sell much so can't complain. Not sure if it's been paid yet as I've not had a Statement yet (and I can't remember my business online login details!)
  19. The update is showing, however it's telling me that my account is not valid for the US app store. Despite me using my phone to connect to the UK store.
  20. They are grey importers who most likely class you as the importer so they don't have to pay duty or tax (you are liable, however HMRC are a bit busy - so chances are you'll get away with it). Both 'companies' are fronts for HongKong based sellers - you'll have no warranty with Canon UK (cash backs aren't valid either), but usually they'll have a 3rd party repair outfit you can use. Personally I'd rather just pay a bit more and buy in the UK.
  21. Have you tried a different card reader? Some of my newer SD cards can't be read on a reader I bought 4 years ago.
  22. Spotted on the Guardian Website (possibly in print as well) http://www.guardian.co.uk/local-government-network/2013/jul/26/councils-trust-training-social-media-use C3CG37 Twitter URL / Webpage M4OS Photos / Alamy (26th July)
  23. I had 2 images appear in the Independent Magazine and the Website, nothing appeared as a sale or zoom yet (though I expect they will in a few months).
  24. Thanks SShep, I was wondering how long before one of my silly suedo names appeared /edit - Searching for the magazine on Pressdisplay I noticed they've used a second image of mine on page 57 (103 Colmore Row)
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