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  1. I have a couple of events coming up shortly and need a company who would display my images on their site and handle the photo print orders. I would supply the files to the company. Basically I do not want to be involved in ordering and or selling the images taken by myself. Any help gratefully appreciated. petert
  2. I have this problem too. Last night and this morning. peter t
  3. The Times 25 November 2014 Front page Terry Matthews/Alamy shot of a frosty scene in Malmesbury Wiltshire EB1HBB Great image Terry ! peter t
  4. Thanks to everyone who has been looking. My contact in Spain tells me it is in the D Express here, it is and I now have a copy. peter t
  5. I am trying to find a shot of mine, two women with a dog, which I am told has been used today quite large in the Spanish editions of the Daily Express. Any help in tracking down a copy would be greatly appreciated. Regards peter t
  6. The following Alamy contributors have images published in Sawasdee, March Issue of the Thai Airways inflight magazine. Page 46 Nandana de Siva/Alamy Leopard in a tree H Lansdown/Alamy Animals at watering hole Finnbarr Webster/Alamy Safari in Sri Lanka Page 47 Jan Wlodarczyk/Alamy Brick stupas in Anuradhapura Page 49 Jan Wlodarczyk/Alamy Temple of the Scred Tooth Page 50 Tibor Bognar/Alamy Can't read caption as it is in Thai Page 51 Robert Gill/Papilio/Alamy Monkey in a tree but caption is in Thai Mohammed Abidally/Alamy Bird reflected
  7. I have been trying to upload some images and reach the 'Upload Checklist' box successfully and then onto the 'Upload Images' box, where I draw a blank. The box remains empty, blank in fact. The first time I have experienced this problem, and most days I upload images, If anyone out there can assist in solving this problem I'd be most grateful. peter t
  8. Thanks to all of you who responded. And after some considerable thought I think I will update the Fuji 100. I am in the USA at present and the G16 is on sale around £100 cheaper than the UK here. peter t
  9. I have the opportunity of purchasing a Canon G16 to replace the Fuji 100 I keep in my pocket and would be interested to hearing any comments. Is the G16 a 'Alamy' camera, I could not find it one the list ? Thanks everyone Peter t
  10. Thanks again Bryan for the two more 'newspaper online' sales, excellent work on your part ! peter t
  11. Bryan Thanks for spotting my Clacton image. It will be interesting to see what the fee will be! Not a lot! Peter t
  12. BAD, I have always known September for my best sales figures, not this one though! It must be the worse. Income for September of just over $1700, less commission, on 44 images sold. And, to make things even worse I see yesterday I only had one zoom !!!! Another worse record ! I would like to add that I received the Alamy note informing me that I also was in the top 500. Just look at my picture, I am starving.......have a nice day. peter t
  13. In response to Pearl..... Very interesting as I have just captioned some images with the word moisturise [English] spelling which flags up as a misspelling in the Alamy box. However, 'moisturize' [American] spelling does not. I do recall many years ago Alamy saying no foreign spellings and there was also a change on the site when we all had to go back over our captions and enter 's' if you wanted plurals. I have vivid memories of this time as I then had 18,000 images to check! peter t
  14. Alamy you really do need to look after the contributors at weekends when there are technical problems on the site
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