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5 almost identical sales 1 feb 2017...

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Had 5 IQ sales of the same subject, cityscapes of Tel Aviv, popin today... The pictures are to similar to be used for editorials... Might be for postcards or something similar...


As much as I am happy with 5 sales a day, wondering if is not a scam of some sort... People buying pictures and then not paying or ask for a refund...


Please check if you have something similar.

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Had two sales earlier in January of the same image. Both for a book internal one 1/2 page plus one 1/4 page and both for the same price. Same buyer.


Also had another book sale end Jan "One time use only" 2017 - 2042. Yes 25 years. I think I will be long time dead by then. :(


If not dead I will be very doddery at 97. ;)



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