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  1. Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions. I've plenty of ammunition now to work with.
  2. Can anyone recommend a large Light Cube Diffusion Soft Box Kit for shooting coins, electrical kit and general memorabilia please? I've been very disappointed with the run of the mill soft boxes which are neither robust nor functional. Thanks
  3. I agree. She may decide that the associated publicity is more valuable than potential damages for infringement but the amount being claimed does seem unconscionable.
  4. This is a somewhat bizarre twist on the issue of copyright which is frequently debated on this forum. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57775670 Of, course it's instigated in the USA so perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise.
  5. "I have been in the business for forty decades " That certainly is a wealth of experience !
  6. Bearing in mind that as contributors we are now into 100+ pages on the forum of debate, complaints, arguments and disdain about Alamy/PA's proposed contractual changes and their response has been, delayed, inadequate and dismissive, I venture to suggest that we are all wasting our time, both emotional and rationale in trying to enlighten the unconscious. I suspect it's decision time and our options are to bale out or to grit our teeth and go with the flow. My personal disappointment is the total disdain that Alamy/PA have shown to all the hard-working, well-meaning contributors who surel
  7. It's not quite that simple. Basically the contract between you and Alamy (contributor and Alamy/PA) and any disputes arising would be subject to English Law, which has long established rules and precedents and a codified legal system. Put another way it governs which country's laws and regulations are used to resolve a dispute between the parties to the contract. The fact that a breach or transgression occurred in a different country doesn't invalidate the breach. It simply means that English Courts will rule on the dispute.
  8. No - this is purely a statement of the Applicable Law and Court jurisdiction.
  9. Hi MDM. I interpret 4.1.6 differently. I don't think that striking out "anywhere in the world" alters the clause significantly or at all. Being 'silent' about the geography isn't the same as explicitly stating 'within the UK' or similar. I think that Alamy could justifiably argue that not restricting the clause to a region effectively still encompasses the world. Clever drafting!
  10. That's true but it also encompasses negligent or careless representations as well as deliberate falsification.
  11. Effectively, if you misrepresent one of your images or licences, Alamy are reserving the right to pursue you for this even if the contract is subsequently terminated. The alleged 'breach' will survive termination of the agreement if it only becomes apparent later. It's not altogether unusual legally, but certainly unwelcome.
  12. Apart from some minor amendments to the wording, I'm struggling to see any legal or meaningful difference between the previous clauses and the re-worded version. To me the thrust and significance of the clauses are identical in effect and other than removing some "noise" don't constitute any meaningful change.
  13. I stand to be corrected but I don't ever recall a thread reaching 90+ pages of posts on Alamy forums. The indisputable conclusion from all of this, is that contributors are fed up to the back teeth of trying to earn an honest living and expending many hours of travelling, waiting patiently for the right moment, investing in expensive equipment, devoting many hours to optimising images in post-processing and equally long hours in keywording their images only to be treated with contempt by the very agencies that purport to represent them. We all recognise that times change and acceptable ima
  14. I quote from Emily - The CEO "We are aware that this removes the commission incentive for contributors to be exclusive to us and that those who were previously exclusive will see the biggest impact from these changes." Well that is certainly true - you mean that we get screwed more royally than less loyal contributors. I seriously can't believe the hypocrisy and utter disdain that Alamy is expecting us to swallow! This has to be the most ill thought out and inept attempt to bleed contributors in all the time that I have been with Alamy [in its current or previous exist
  15. Interestingly, I wondered what Alamy's T&C's are for buyers. I looked at the blurb relating to usage including RM v RF etc. and noted the following: - "At this point, you might be wondering why it even matters. Surely, an image is an image. Yes, but you’re not buying the image, you’re buying a licence which serves as formal permission for you to use the image within the restrictions that are set by the licence." This is interesting and relevant because it points out to the buyer that they are buying a licence that obligates them to "use the image within the restrictions that
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