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Vlog - Part 04 - local area

Jools Elliott

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Morning all


Some of you who know me are aware how much I travel. Do we have to? Just take a look at Mr Morris and what he does.


So yesterday morning I challenged myself to get out in just a small area where I live to shoot some stock. Just to show you don't necessarily have to travel far and wide to get images.


And speaking of images. They'll be headed into Alamy later on!



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Just watched all your blogs so far, nice to see you get about to some great locations, look forward to your next one.




Thanks Neil!


What's next? The weather is looking good for my blog day which is going to be on Thursday. Will be doing more in the Loire concentrating a little on some of the gorgeous buildings we have here. And probably some off the cuff landscape stuff too if happens to catch my eye. But I shall see!


Next week is an unknown quantity. I want to do more stuff in the Loire Valley but also want to go to the coast. It's all weather dependent though for my own style of photography.

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Good stuff.  Keep them coming.  :)


Thanks for the support John!


I should be out tomorrow at the other end of the Loire Valley to the east. No idea how it will turn out but something will. That'll be published on Friday though so keep an eye :)


And please do subscribe :)

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