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  1. I will be there on the saturday, have to work around the little one being at school. Always nice to look at the new gear, pick up free pens and lens cloths lol.
  2. I always take it when you get the email, that it means you have been put forward to payment. Once alamy does its thing it will appear in a day or two.
  3. Used to use this lens on a nex 6 before I moved over to Fuji, I found it a very good all round lens, although I did get some vignetting at 18mm nothing that wasn't easily sorted though.
  4. Set myself a target of getting 10000 stock photos for the last three years, failed miserably each time due to caring for others and not getting out, so this year setting lower goals. 1 - double my images to 5000 2 - shoot more non railway images 3 - cover more local news events, i enjoy the rush involved.
  5. Not one of the big sellers here, I mostly sell Steam Train images, this year i have had one sale less than last year, with only a $10 decrease in yearly income,
  6. i have the same issue Geoff, thought i had damaged it til i tried another in the shop. tried to blow round it, to see if it was sand / dust bust still find it had sometimes, i personally think they didnt put enough grip on the switch to get a good grip on it, but i do have big hands lol.
  7. Many thanks, just found where it says, im guessing more work will appear in the coming weeks to the dashboard.
  8. Just watched all your blogs so far, nice to see you get about to some great locations, look forward to your next one. Neil
  9. I seem to be having this issue as well, On my dashboard, it says I have 143 images not on sale, but when I go into the new image editor its now down to 67. I know it is down as I've been keywording etc, but I am assuming the dashboard isn't linked to the new manage images yet?
  10. Many thanks for all your replies, Exactly 24 hours after it went processing, it went to awaiting qc, which has just cleared now after a couple of hours. I had wondered if it was due to me submitting a large batch of images to the news feed. But as i understand it these two systems are not linked. Neil
  11. Hi all, When i upload submissions via alamy online, usually it says processing for 5 mins and the goes to awaiting qc. Yesterday however it has been stuck on processing for 15 hours. Do you think there is an upload fault or can it take a while. Its only a small batch of 40 images. Neil
  12. very interested in the rx100 as i can use it while videoing, ive even contemplated going back to an slr purely for a decent couple of zooms. Maybe panasonic is the answer for me
  13. i use my nex 6 for steam rail photography and to be honest it does pretty well, i have been thinking of getting rid of it to be honest due to lenses, but i now see sony has the 18 - 105 g lens out, has anyone tried this yet,.
  14. love the 55 - 210 if i could get a 300mm i would be over the moon and wouldnt want anything else, the nex system in my opinion is brilliant and i love the lenses, im just not convinced by the new power zoom kit lens, i prefer the older kit lens
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