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Alamy Stock photography workshop...


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Just a quick reminder to anyone interested that i'm going to be running another of my one-day intensive seminar/workshops on stock photography, with particular emphasis on Alamy and AlamyLiveNews, in Cirencester on March 18th 2017.


I'll be giving insights on the sort of work I do, and tips on shooting, editing, captioning and keywording....all essential skills for the aspiring stock photographer


It'll be a mixture of theoretical and practical work, and will include a walkabout in that lovely town where you can put some of the training into practice.


More details on the event are here:


There are still a few places left, but not many


Hope to see some of you there


Here's a photo from the 2015 workshop...some of you may recognise yourselves...







Some quotes from past participants:

Here are some quotes from our last seminar:


“I absolutely loved the day and really came away feeling enthused.”

Jim C


“Thanks again for the course your energy and enthusiasm and openness made for an excellent day. “

Alex M


“I really enjoyed the day. I thought the content and information was great for those up us who were just beginning on the Stock journey. “

Rob C


“It was certainly very inspiring and has made me want to step more into the reportage / RM world!”

Tom G


“I think the day was a great success and I enjoyed it very much, in addition to learning lots of valuable information”

Christopher J


“Hi Keith, thanks again for an inspirational day in Cirencester.”

Chris P


“The workshop/seminar was absolutely fantastic.  Learnt so much and you presented very openly with the reality that a street reportage photographer experiences daily.  It was nice to see how close I was, yet those few little tweaks can make all the difference. “

Cernan E





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Worth attending, and you get lunch! Keith has walked the walk.

Keith was that guy you? The guy that first came on the Alamy forum with a different fierce picture of yourself, few images in your portfolio, and a lot of hard to answer questions?
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There's a strong chance that there will be one or two people from Alamy / Alamy News in attendance on the day , for a Q&A session either at lunchtime  or at the end of the day...


so if you want to ask questions direct to Alamy , as well as getting some useful training  then book your place now




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So thats me. Bottom left corner of the photo of the course.

Here's an image I took on the day. Sold to the Sun last week for an article on Slimming world. Well worth going on the course.


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Well done Rob!  Perfect timing..


Also Cernan Elias (who is also in that photo of the workshop) is now selling LiveNews photos regularly, including two this week in print in the Guardian and Times (which by themeselves have probably more than paid the cost of the course...)_




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