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November 2016 Challenge - Trees - VOTING

November 2016 Challenge - Trees   

53 members have voted

  1. 1. November 2016 Challenge - Trees

    • Johnnie5 - G0MY8N
    • Colin Woods - C04NR9
    • Simon Evans - F080NK
    • John Richmond - H7KAHH
    • NYCat - DDTD72
    • MariaJ - DCC78G
    • chrumu - H776AB
    • MDM - C1DNH1

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Oh wow! This was exciting. I had to stop myself from looking for the last half hour. I can't believe I won with this subject. It's not an animal! All of the finalists deserve the prize (as well as many people who didn't make the short list). And I have to tell you I won without voting for myself. I was tempted but I remembered that it is not "cricket". I had to resist being an American barbarian. I have an idea for the next challenge but I've been pondering different ways of wording it in order to make room for some interpretation. So I will set it up tomorrow. This is going to cheer me up at this time of worrying about the changes going on now. I did this once before and I really enjoyed it in spite of the agony of selecting the final eight.



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I'm so glad it didn't end with a tie. It's been quite difficult for me. I'm currently travelling solo with my campervan. In Australia, towns can be few and far in between. I had to plan my trip to be within Internet access at the end time which luckily was 11 am for me.


I'm intrigued and look forward to your new challenge.


Oh by the way Paulette, I know you love animals. I saw a humpback whale jumping from the comfort of my sofa. The house overlooks a bay located on the path of their annual migration.



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Ahhh, how wonderful. I love the patterns on the tail -- which I guess is called flukes. I'm not a whale expert and the only one I've seen was at a far distance though I got a shot of the beautiful flukes -- too tiny to do anything with except an arty treatment.



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