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I've always wondered about the cyclical nature of my zooms.  Here is my CTR for the last year:


I suppose the good news is that I can expect to be on the upward trend for the next couple of months.  No idea what would case this pattern.  Anybody else see the same?


My graph isn't quite as perfect a roller coaster as yours, but there is definitely an up and down cycle. It's an example of statistics mimicking nature, I suppose.

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Looks like I'm in trouble for June. There is a definite up-down-up-down trend.




Ummm, that's hardly a reliable indicator for June's results after one day, is it?


I mean, I could say something similar about June's results, but it wouldn't mean much (just yet)! ;)



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I was referring to the up and down trend over the past year, not the fact that it currently shows zero for June.




Aah, sorry!  My little graph hides my ups and downs due to my current high for June 1st!

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