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Saatchiart huge size images alert


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For those of you who uploaded images to Saatchiart - I just found that my images are displayed in huge size when click on it, large files ready for easy print screen and to use it without ANY watermark! 


They must have changed it lately and I never got the email with warning what they are planning to do... Check out your collection if you care about protection of your work. You don't have to use right click to zoom it. Just normal click opens the file in full screen size! :|


Btw, last few months I've found some of my files in the same size in few places on the internet and wondered where did someone grab it from... Now I have my answer :(

Btw 2, I joined about two years ago and have zero sales still, so it's not worth to keep the images on there (at the same time I sell with other POD sites...). It's a dead place, now sharing our work. 

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Saatchiart are certainly one of the big players in the fine-art photography marketplace, and I guess if you're an overseas buyer thinking about forking out $4000 for a print you want to have a good look at it online. But it is a tad scarey seeing unwatermarked images that size . . .



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