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Search engine fixed?

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Out of curiosity I went back through all the Alamy search engine result anomalies reported in this thread and find that all of them seem to be fixed.


Search terms                                               Previously reported result          Latest Result


walking dog park                                                      5,963                                     6,767

walking dog park UK                                                     59                                     1,538

walking park dog UK                                                1,405                                     1,538

park walking dog UK                                                1,405                                     1,538

walking dog UK park                                                     66                                     1,538


hotel paris las vegas                                                1,216                                      8,215

las vegas hotel paris                                                7,106                                      8,215


mountain vancouver                                                   166                                      5,499 

vancouver mountain                                                     30                                      5,499

mountain in vancouver                                             2,137                                     2,192   interesting, I though "in" would be ignored...

grouse mountain vancouver                                       166                                         567

vancouver grouse mountain                                       518                                         567


stone wall lake district [WOP] [RM]                             150                                     2,843

"stone wall" lake district [WOP] [RM]                       2,101                                      2,097


All the above seem to have been fixed (although I thought "in" should be ignored)? Hope I haven't made any typos.


Does this mean the search engine has now been fixed, or that Alamy have just patched the items reported to them above?


Is anyone else still seeing any other anomalies? 

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Thanks M.Chapman - thats extremely helpful but only as far as it goes -  I dont think we can assume that all the problems have been fixed, nor that new ones have not been created (cf Chaos theory and Jurassic park for film buffs  :lol: )



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