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No payment received

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Hello everybody.


I have a question that might have been discussed previously, but I rarely come here.

So please forgive me if I don't know certain things. I am supposed to get payout ($100), it was said that I would receive it February 1, 2016. Now my account shows "0", which means the money should have been sent. I use PayPal. No money on my account, and today is Feb.5. Should I be concerned? Because I am:) If this is a problem, could you be so kind as to advise what my next step towards receiving my money should be. Thank you!

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John is quite right - there is absolutely no need to be concerned.  Although reporting and clearing of licenses here can be sloooow, Alamy is very good at actually paying - once they get the cash.


Payments are supposed to be initiated on the 1st of each month, but are often delayed by a day or two (especially over weekends or UK bank holidays).  Payment by BACS direct into UK bank accounts tend to be processed first (I got mine yesterday, 4th Feb.); PayPal takes a day or two more.


EDIT: some really nice images btw, Natalia. :)

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