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  1. Thank you guys for your kind answers! I will wait till next week, and hopefully by that time won't be asking the same question here:)
  2. Hello everybody. I have a question that might have been discussed previously, but I rarely come here. So please forgive me if I don't know certain things. I am supposed to get payout ($100), it was said that I would receive it February 1, 2016. Now my account shows "0", which means the money should have been sent. I use PayPal. No money on my account, and today is Feb.5. Should I be concerned? Because I am:) If this is a problem, could you be so kind as to advise what my next step towards receiving my money should be. Thank you!
  3. Thanks everybody for your replies and kind words about my photos - frankly, I don't think they are that good (at least, I don't think that most of the time I spend taking them), except for yesterday when I found out that one of my photos was purchased for a magazine, cover and inside + digital use. I was ok to get $30 for this usage, but after having read your explanation I understood that I only get half of that amount! That's disappointing, taking into consideration the usage. Well... Anyway, your replies, guys, are very helpful, thanks again!
  4. Could somebody be so kind as to explain this whole matter to me? I am new (kind of...being with Alamy for 6 months). So far I have had 4 sales. I just don't understand: 4 sales for $73. However, the cleared balance is $9 (just noticed this today, I don't think I missed it before). Is my take only $9 out of $73 (I don't like that!), or I will still get these $73 (eventually, when they become $75)? What do $9 represent, exactly? I am not that stupid (hopefully), it is just that English is not my native language and sometimes I don't understand certain things... Thank you! Natalia.
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