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Hi from Australia


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I just signed up and I have one question: if a buyer uses my image, will it have a watermark or will my name still be attached to this photo? I know that somewhere this question will have been answered. Just some info on my question would be very much appreciated!

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Once a client buys your image, it'll be published without the watermark. See pictures in magazines, books, newspaper websites, etc. None have watermarks. Problem is those images get nicked, especially by bloggers and East European news sites





Hmmmm . . . my reading over the past few years makes me lean toward a country that has a particularly generous (to news media outlets) definition of "fair use" as being much more of a problem than East European news sites . . . notwithstanding a recent big case in a certain large country tucked away in east europe/west asia.


So to the OP, don't start looking for or worrying about problems from any particular country, sleep easily knowing it can happen anywhere . . . and know that Australian news and advertising media have often dipped their collective toes into those murky waters too.



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Welcome, Photos-by-Gemma


If they have paid Alamy then Alamy will remove the watermark on download. 


The original Alamy rules suggested that purchasers should credit both Alamy and the photographer when using those purchased images. In practice they often are just credited to Alamy, or there is no credit at all! If the photographer is credited it will be your pseudonym which is used



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