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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, Why my photographs doesn't have any watermark on the photograph? Everyone can use the pics with only footer watermark... What should I do to put watermark on the whole photograph? My pics are the same as attached photograph and What should I do to change it? Special Thanks
  2. I found one of my images on this website with no watermark and was wondering if this is stolen or an Alamy affiliate. I did a search with just keyword Alamy and over 130,000 images came up. The website also allows you to manipulate the images with sliders. https://amanaimages.com/keyword/result.aspx?Page=Search&KeyWord=alamy&ImageID=
  3. An interesting discussion about watermarking news images in publications to stop other news organisations using them. https://mobile.twitter.com/gordonrayner/status/1095986617767157760 This is the big people talking, Times, Guardian etc. A little surreal but news photographers do get a mention towards the end. could this become a trend.....?
  4. Do you agree it would be a good idea to include image-specific info on Alamy's watermarks? It would make it easier for potential clients to find that exact image when it's seen in the wild. Also, importantly, it would help defeat watermarks-removal algorithms: GOOGLE created an algorithm to remove watermarks from stock images and its success depends largely on many, many watermarks being CONSISTENT. It's not enough to change the position of the watermarks. Differences in SHAPE (opacity helps, too) are needed also. Having watermarks automatically populated with specific info about the image - ex. Copyright holder and image # - would be win-won dealing with this watermark removal algorithm. Some agencies already include such image-specific info. EDIT: SUGGESTIONS forum didn't appear when I created this Topic, using my iPhone or iPad, so I jumped to Wrong conclusion that the forum was gone. Now that I'm using my computer, I see that forum, which is where I should have posted this.
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